The Melvins

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Melvins live, October 13, 2006
Melvins live, October 13, 2006
General information
origin Montesano , Washington , United States
Genre (s) Noise rock , hardcore punk , grunge , alternative metal , sludge , indie rock , stoner doom , stoner rock
founding 1983
Founding members
Buzz Osborne
Matt Lukin (until 1988)
Mike Dillard (until 1984)
Current occupation
Buzz Osborne
Drums , vocals
Dale Crover (since 1984)
Bass , vocals
Steven McDonald (since 2016)
Jeff Pinkus (since 2018)
former members
Lori "Lorax" Black (1988–1991, 1993)
Joe Preston (1991-1992)
Mark Deutrom (1994-1998)
Kevin Rutmanis (1998-2005)
Drums, vocals
Coady Willis (2006-2016)
Electric bass, vocals
Jared Warren (2006-2016)
Tour musician at times
Guitar, bass, noise
David Scott Stone
Adam Jones
Jello Biafra
Trevor Dunn

Melvins are an American rock band formed in Montesano , Washington , in 1983 .


The Melvins were founded in 1983 in Aberdeen / Montesano, Washington by Buzz Osborne (guitar & vocals), future Mudhoney bassist Matt Lukin (bass) and Mike Dillard (drums), all of whom went to Montesano (Washington) high school . In the beginning the band played cover versions of Jimi Hendrix and The Who , later on extremely fast hardcore punk rock. In this constellation the Melvins recorded a demo. When Dillard left the band in 1984, he was replaced by Dale Crover on drums. The band's rehearsals then took place in Crover's parents' house in Aberdeen . A little later, the Melvins began to play slower songs. The result was a mixture of punk rock à la Flipper and Black Flag , heavy metal like Black Sabbath's Master of Reality and 1970s hard rock by KISS and Alice Cooper .

Kurt Cobain , a good friend of Dale Crover, was a huge Melvins fan and helped the band transport their gear a few times. Cobain also tried to join the band as a guitarist , but failed because he was so nervous while auditioning that he forgot all the songs. The Melvins were heard on C / Z Records Deep-Six Sampler with Green River , Skin Yard , Malfunkshun , Soundgarden and the U-Men in 1985, laying the foundation for what would later be called grunge . C / Z also released the first Melvins EP in 1986: Six Songs (which was to be re-released as 10 songs in 1990 ). In October 1986 the band recorded their debut album Gluey Porch Treatments , which was released in 1987 on Alchemy Records.

On January 23, 1988, Crover helped Cobain's band Nirvana during their first studio recordings on drums and played a gig with Nirvana that same day. Later in 1988, Osborne and Crover relocated to San Francisco . Lukin stayed in Washington and founded the band Mudhoney , he was replaced by Shirley Temple's daughter Lori "Lorax" Black on bass. In May 1989, the second album, Ozma, was recorded, which was released by Boner Records that same year. Ozma was produced by Mark Deutrom, who would later become a member of the band.

Since Nirvana had no permanent drummer in 1990, Crover jumped in for a short tour on the American west coast with Sonic Youth again with his old friends. Fortunately, Osborne gave Krist Novoselic's phone number to his good friend Dave Grohl , who had become unemployed after Scream broke up . After working on Bullhead , the Melvins went on a European tour. Her appearance in Alzey on January 23, 1991 was released by producer Tobby Holzinger on the German indie label Your Choice Records . Back home, a short EP with Eggnog was recorded and released.

Lori Black left the band and was replaced by Joe Preston. Preston can be seen on Salad Of A Thousand Delights (1992, Box Dog Video), has his own KISS-inspired solo EP ( King Buzzo, Dale Crover and Joe Preston, all 1992 Boner Records) and plays on Lysol . The EP Lysol was later renamed Melvins because the product name was used without permission and the band and label wanted to prevent legal action. There are three versions of the EP: the unchanged original edition, the original edition with Lysol lettering taped off in black and the Melvins version.

Preston's days with the Melvins were numbered soon afterwards, Lori Black was mentioned as bassist on the major label debut Houdini (1993, Atlantic Records ) co-produced by Kurt Cobain , but according to Buzz Osborne he and Dale Crover recorded most of the bass parts. After the recordings, Black left the band for good. Bass from now on played Mark Deutrom. In 1994 the Melvins released two albums: Prick (Amphetamine Reptile) and Stoner Witch (Atlantic). After long tours with, among others, Nirvana, the Nine Inch Nails , Rob Zombie and KISS, the last album of the later (from Atlantic) so-called Atlantic era was released in 1996 with Stag . Since the music of the Melvins is not exactly mass-compatible, they were dropped by Atlantic in 1997 due to unsuccessfulness. In the same year, Singles 1–12, a sampler of 12 singles, was released. A live album followed in 1998 with Alive at the F * ckerclub , which was made during the 1997 tour of Australia in Richmond Melbourne.

1999 began the collaboration with Mike Patton's Ipecac Recordings , which in 1999 released the first two parts of the so-called Trilogy of Madness ( The Maggot 1999, The Bootlicker 1999 and The Crybaby 2000). The Crybaby surprised with many guest musicians, such as from the band Tool or Hank Williams III . On March 13, 2012, the band released the five-track EP The Bulls & The Bees , which is available for free as a download from the Scion A / V label's website.


Often people try to put the music of the Melvins in drawers such as grunge , doom metal , stoner rock . Since few aspects of the Melvins relate to these genres (although the band has undoubtedly influenced artists in those genres), the Melvins find themselves in their own little niche of rock music. It is characterized above all by an extremely slow tempo, in which a large number of Melvins pieces are held, as well as a joy in experimentation that is often increased to the grotesque. Sometimes there are long passages and sometimes entire albums made up of drone / feedback sounds or “unmusical” sound scenarios.


Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Nude with boots
  US 148 07/26/2008 (1 week)
Hold it in
  US 187 11/01/2014 (1 week)
year Album title Record company Catalog number
1986 Six songs C / Z records CZ
1987 Gluey Porch Treatments Alchemy Records VM103
1989 Ozma Boner Records BR16-2
1990 10 songs C / Z records CZ002
1991 Your Choice Live Series Vol. 12 Your Choice Records YC-LS 012
1991 Bullhead Boner Records BR25-2
1991 Eggnog (EP) Boner Records BR28-2
1992 Salad of a Thousand Delights (Video) Box Dog Video BDV002
1992 King Buzzo (EP) Boner Records BR32-2
1992 Dale Crover (EP) Boner Records BR33-2
1992 Joe Preston (EP) Boner Records BR34-2
1992 Lysol (also known as Melvins ) Boner Records BR35-2
1993 Houdini Atlantic Records 7567-82532-2
1994 Prick Amphetamines reptiles AmRep 031
1994 Stoner Witch Atlantic Records 7567-82704-2
1996 Stag Atlantic Records 7567-82878-2
1997 Singles 1-12 Amphetamines reptiles AmRep 063
1997 Honky Amphetamines reptiles AmRep 064-2
1998 Alive at the fuck club Amphetamines reptiles AmRep 072
1999 The Maggot Ipecac Recordings IPC-002
1999 The Bootlicker Ipecac Recordings IPC-004
1999 Gluey Porch Treatments Ipecac Recordings IPC-012
2000 The crybaby Ipecac Recordings IPC-006
2001 Electroretard Man's ruin MR2002
2001 Colossus of Destiny Ipecac Recordings IPC-014
2002 Millennium Monsterwork 2000 with Fantômas Ipecac Recordings IPC-019
2002 Hostile ambient takeover Ipecac Recordings IPC-020
2003 26 songs Ipecac Recordings IPC-038
2003 Melvinmania: The Best of the Atlantic Years 1993-1996 Atlantic Records 5050466574428
2004 Neither Here Nor There (Book & Best-Of-CD) Ipecac Recordings IPC-047
2004 Pigs of the Roman Empire with lust murder Ipecac Recordings IPC-054
2004 Never Breathe what You Can't See with Jello Biafra Alternative tentacles Virus300
2005 Mangled Demos from 1983 Ipecac Recordings IPC-063
2005 Howdy win! with Jello Biafra Alternative tentacles Virus350
2006 A Live History of Gluttony and Lust (Houdini Live 2005) Ipecac Recordings IPC-076
2006 (A) Senile Animal Ipecac Recordings IPC-082
2007 The Making Love Demos Bifocal Media BFM026
2008 Nude with boots Ipecac Recordings IPC-105
2009 Chicken Switch Southern Record Distributors (Soulfood Music) B002IVLH8I
2010 The Bride Screamed Murder Ipecac Recordings IPC-112
2012 Freak puke Ipecac Recordings IPC-136
2013 Everybody Loves Sausages Ipecac Recordings IPC-144
2013 Tres Cabrones Ipecac Recordings IPC-150
2014 Hold It In with Paul Leary & Jeff Pinkus Ipecac Recordings IPC-164
2016 Basses Loaded Ipecac Recordings IPC-178
2017 A Walk With Love And Death Ipecac Recordings IPC-195
2018 Pinkus Abortion Technician with Jeff Pinkus Ipecac Recordings IPC-201

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