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Johann Friedrich Thilo Irmisch (born January 4, 1816 in Sondershausen ; † April 28, 1879 there ) was a botanist, local researcher and high school teacher in the Principality of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen . Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Irmisch ".

Thilo Irmisch


Thilo Irmisch, son of the former princely hunter Johann Friedrich Irmisch (1783–1864) and the daughter of the forestry councilor Antoinette Freytag (1794–1834), had ancestors on both his father's and mother's side who were mainly active in forestry. He spent the first years of his life and elementary school in Schlotheim , where his father was employed as a private forester. From 1829 to 1836 he attended the newly founded special houses grammar school. In the school leaving certificate, his inclination for botany and his poetry skills were emphasized. From 1836 he studied theology, philosophy and natural sciences at the University of Halle . Soon after a trial sermon in Sondershausen that was doubtful for him, his interest in the natural sciences soon predominated. Prof. Schlechtendal (1794–1866), director of the botanical garden in Halle, was his teacher and later his friend. In 1839 he heard geognosy and mineralogy with Germar , zoology with Burmeister .

After completing his studies, Irmisch was first a private tutor in Teistungenburg near Worbis with a family who supported him financially from 1844 on in his unpaid position as an assistant teacher at the grammar school in Sondershausen. Due to the lack of a final examination, the appointment was initially canceled; it was not until September 8, 1846 that he was finally employed as a collaborator . He taught three classes in "Description of Nature" (botany and zoology), Latin, German and religion. In addition, in 1850 he was responsible for the education and training of the prince's son Hugo von Schwarzburg-Sondershausen (1839–1871). On October 19, 1852 he was promoted to senior teacher; on July 30, 1855 he was given the title of professor .

In 1851 he married Mathilde Auleb (1827–1897), daughter of the master chimney sweep Gottfried Christoph Auleb. They had two daughters: Luise (1852–1928) and Marie (1854–1935), married to Gustav Wilhelm Hallensleben (1852–1906), who later published the articles on the Schwarzburgische Heimatskunde . A granddaughter was Anna Katharina (Käthe) Hallensleben (1890–1974), who married the later court conductor Carl Corbach .

As a teacher he stayed for 35 years at the same grammar school with Wilhelm Kieser as a colleague and (from 1852) director. On April 24, 1879, after a botanical excursion with friends, he suffered a stroke. He died four days later. His grave is no longer preserved; the grave plate is in the Castle Museum kept Sondershausen.


In addition to his work as a teacher, Thilo Irmisch dealt with botany. His special interest in systematics by comparing shapes led him to plant morphology . Already in 1846 he published a " Systematic directory of where among stately wild parts of the Black Freiburgische principalities phaenogamous plants [...] ". It was a list of 1023 species in 436 families of native flowering plants . This plant catalog, known as the “ Kleine Irmisch ”, was a popular book. With his work he succeeded Karl Friedrich Schimper and Alexander Braun . He became known through his work " On the morphology of the monocotyledonous tubers and bulbous plants " (1850), in which, in addition to the shoot sequence, he also presented the living conditions of these plants in an exemplary manner. He published numerous treatises on morphological observations; He turned his observations with preference to native plants.

Irmisch found together with the Leipzig botanist Wilhelm Hofmeister on Frauenberg near Sondershausen "the seedlings of the common moon-rue that had never been seen before . This contribution by "[s] a friend of Prof. Irmisch" was very welcome for Hofmeister's research on the generation change , and he pointed it out accordingly.

In 1851 he was asked by Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius to discuss his large palm plant. Irmisch regularly received seeds, tubers and bulbs from plants in the Alpine region from Anton Kerner . He visited this in the fall of 1876 in his holiday home in Trins to recover his ailing health .

He has published articles in various scientific specialist bodies. There were often separate prints of this (e.g. from the contributions on the comparative morphology of plants ); He also brought out a number of independent books, e.g. B. the contributions to the biology and morphology of orchids (1853). It was planned that he would contribute a volume to the manual of physiological botany , of which he was co-editor (at the latest) from 1865 onwards . Such a manuscript was actually found in his estate; but it has remained unpublished.

Irmisch wrote a total of 150 titles on botany and was in correspondence with over 50 well-known botanists from home and abroad.

From 1855 to 1859 he was the editor of the Neue Blumenzeitung . From the beginning of 1864 to the end of 1872 he edited the unofficial part of Der Deutsche , from the beginning of 1873 until his death the government and news gazette of the Principality of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen .

In addition to his botanical studies, he was a historian, archaeologist and local researcher. In August 1853 he was appointed a member of the antiquity society that the prince had founded shortly before. After his colleague F. Göbel left in 1862, he was entrusted with the administration of the Princely Natural History Cabinet. When starting his work there he came across the manuscript Schwarzburgisches Chronicon by Paulus Jovius (approx. 1570-1633) . From this find he developed his extensive work on Jovius and his work over several years of archive work, and he was supported from the beginning to the end of his activity by "[s] a friend of Mr. Archivist Richter".

In 1873 Irmisch led an excavation on the Frauenberg near Sondershausen to research the building history of the former Jechaburg monastery . A church from the 12./13. It was uncovered in the 16th century, which fell into disrepair and was removed in the 16th century.

In January 1863, together with Karl Chop , Hermann Töpfer and others, Irmisch founded a natural science association in addition to the antiquity association , in which science-minded citizens of special houses met weekly to freely exchange ideas.

He was friends with the theologian Carl Ludloff (1808–1878) . His uncle Carl (1766-1824) of the same name was the impetus for Irmisch to conduct a media history study.

A large number of correspondence partners have come down to us, 44 of which are documented. In addition to the above Friends and companions u. a. Correspondence with Paul Ascherson , Franz Buchenau , Ludolf Christian Treviranus and Heinrich Wydler should be mentioned.


In 1857 Irmisch was awarded an honorary doctorate in philosophy by the University of Rostock . Johannes Röper stood up for him as dean.

Irmisch's obituaries report that several universities advised him to apply for university professorships (in Erlangen, Halle, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, Rostock), but did not respond.

Thilo Irmisch was an honorary member of the "Association for the Promotion of Agriculture" in Sondershausen, the "Natural Science Association of the Bavarian Palatinate " and the "Philomathic Society of Strasbourg i. E. “He was a full member of the“ Royal Bavarian Botanical Society of Regensburg ”(1850), the“ Natural Science Association in Halle for Thuringia and Saxony ”, the“ Natural Research Society in Halle / S. ”, The“ Physical-Medicinic Society in Erlangen ", the" Botanical Association for the Province of Brandenburg in Berlin ", the" Grand Ducal Saxon Society for Mineralogy, Geology and Petrefactology in Jena ", the" Natural Science Association in Bremen ", the" Imperial Society for Natural Sciences in Cherbourg "and the" Botanical Society of Edinburgh ”. In February 1866 he was elected a member of the Leopoldina .

In August 1866 Irmisch received the gold medal for service to the arts and science of the principality; in January 1874 he was honored with the title of archivist .

Two genera of tropical plants bear his name: Schlechtendal gave the name Irmischia to a genus of Asclepiadeen in 1847 ; In 1866 August Eichler gave a genus of Combretaceous the name Thiloa . Shortly after his death, the Thuringian Botanical Association Irmischia zu Sondershausen was founded; from 1881 to 1886 he published six volumes of his correspondence journal. There, in 1882, a message from Julius Kühn appeared about a fungal parasite, which he named in memory of Irmisch. The Natural Science Association and the Antiquities Association held a joint commemoration ceremony in 1916. The museum wreath , which was formed as a supplement to the antiquity association at the end of the 1890s, put a plaque on the house in 1922 where Irmisch lived from 1860 to 1877 (Lange Straße 36).

From 1991 until it was merged with Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium in 1996, the Sondershausen natural science high school was called “ Staatliches Gymnasium Prof. Dr. Irmisch ".

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