Transporter - The Mission

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German title Transporter - The Mission
Original title Le transporter II
Transporter the mission.svg
Country of production France
original language English , German
Publishing year 2005
length Theatrical version: 85 minutes, Director's Cut : 90 minutes
Age rating FSK 12 (Theatrical Version)
FSK 16 (Director's Cut)

JMK 14
Director Louis Leterrier
script Luc Besson ,
Robert Mark Kamen
production Luc Besson, ( EuropaCorp )
Steve Chasman
music Alexandre Azaria
camera Mitchell Amundsen
cut Christine Lucas Navarro ,
Vincent Tabaillon

←  Predecessor
The Transporter

Successor  →
Transporter 3

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Transporter - The Mission (French title Le Transporteur II , English title Transporter 2 ) is a French action film from 2005 and the sequel to The Transporter and the predecessor of Transporter 3 (2008). Luc Besson was involved as screenwriter and producer, and Louis Leterrier directed . Another part appeared in 2015 with The Transporter Refueled , Frank Martin is played here by Ed Skrein .


The driver Frank Martin takes on a substitute job as the driver of the son of the Billings family. When the son is kidnapped one day and the police suspect him of the act, Martin investigates on his own. He finds out that the kidnappers are not interested in the ransom, but in the boy himself, whom they infect with a deadly virus. This virus is transmitted through the breath, so, as planned, the little one infects his father, an influential politician. This is currently on the way to an international drug conference.

Frank Martin also finds out that the terrorist Chellini and his psychopathic friend Lola, who act on behalf of a Colombian drug cartel, are behind the crime. Martin tracks down the criminal when he tries to flee by plane. He injected the antidote for the virus into his blood. Martin can overpower Chellini and hand him over to the police. With the help of the antidote, everyone can be cured, and Frank Martin receives a new order over the phone.


In Transporter - The Mission , Frank drives a black, armored Audi A8 L W12.

With a budget of 32 million dollars , the film could reach a grossing over 85 million worldwide.

The scene in which Jason Statham uses a fire hose as a weapon is borrowed from the 2000 film Romeo Must Die with Jet Li .


"The lavishly produced action film puts artistry above logic and offers nothing more than a fast-paced spectacle within a brightly colored fantasy world."

“As a lead-foot supplier of explosive goods, Frank Martin alias Jason Statham ( Snatch - pigs and diamonds ) thundered along the French Mediterranean coast two years ago and recommended itself as an action hope that masters martial arts and acting alike. [...] Martial arts choreographer Corey Yuen ensures the finest melee rioting when the fast-paced show shifts into Fast & Furious gear. Fasten seat belts!"

“Be careful with 'Transporter - The Mission'. If you had fun with the first part, you can take it without hesitation and may even be thrilled, because the action scenes and martial arts sequences are a good deal better than in the previous one. However, if you also value an original story, a well thought-out plot and generally the logic of a film, you should - if you cannot avoid going to the cinema - switch off your brain before the film begins. So then: brains out, film off! [...] But even the action will hardly manage to keep the viewer interested for the duration of the film. The story, which in parts is somewhat reminiscent of a man on fire , is simply too lousy and the 'plot holes the size of entire aircraft carriers' mentioned in the previous review of The Transporter are too present for the viewer not to be stupid at some point would feel sold. [...] Actually, hardly anyone is particularly uncomfortable and when they do, one is more willing to attribute it to the one-dimensional roles than to the actor's lack of skill. "

“The attempts to visually pimp the sequel compared to the original, however, only end up in a pale copy. As a supposed eye-catcher, half-naked Lola ( Kate Nauta ) hops through the picture like a fury. She is always angry because she was obviously kicked out of modeling school - because of being underweight. She lets out her pent-up aggression on a police helicopter, which she brings from the sky with a few shots in a shameful CGI explosion. The cinematic finesse of the first part got lost somewhere on the transporter's journey from France to America. "


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