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山形 市
Geographical location in Japan
Yamagata (Yamagata) (Japan)
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Region : Tōhoku
Prefecture : Yamagata
Coordinates : 38 ° 15 '  N , 140 ° 20'  E Coordinates: 38 ° 15 '20 "  N , 140 ° 20' 23"  E
Basic data
Surface: 381.34 km²
Residents : 249,327
(October 1, 2019)
Population density : 654 inhabitants per km²
Community key : 06201-4
Flag / coat of arms:
Flag / coat of arms of Yamagata
Tree : Japanese mountain ash
Flower : Safflower
town hall
Address : Yamagata City Hall
2 - 3 - 25 , Hatagomachi
Yamagata -shi
Yamagata  990-8540
Website URL: http://www.city.yamagata-yamagata.lg.jp/
Location of Yamagatas in Yamagata Prefecture
Location of Yamagata in the prefecture

Yamagata ( Japanese 山形 市 , - shi ) is a city and the administrative seat of the Japanese prefecture Yamagata . Since April 1, 2019, the city of Yamagata has been a "core city" with expanded self-government.


Yamagata is located in a wide basin that heats up quickly in spring and summer and is often foggy and humid. In the east, in Miyagi Prefecture on the Pacific coast, it is rather clearer and milder. In winter, however, it often snows in the basin, while the Pacific coast remains clear and snow-free.

The Mogami flows through the city from south to north. The Ōu Mountains form the eastern city limits today.

Neighboring cities and communities


Yamagata is an old castle town that was expanded by the Mogami before 1600. In the Edo period it was the principal seat of the Yamagata-han ( principality / daimyat / grand fief of Yamagata). After several families, a branch of the Mizuno last resided there with a nominal income of 50,000 koku , which was provided at the end of the Edo period through territories in the counties of Murayama, Sakai and Azai. The complex as a castle town with its right-angled street system shapes the cityscape to this day.

Structure of the North, East and South Murayama districts when the communities were modernized in 1889; numbered: parishes in the district of South Murayama 1889, *: the new Yamagata-shi 1889, purple: their present urban area

In the Meiji Restoration , the Han evolved over several intermediate stations into the eponymous Ken (prefecture), which was extended to practically the entire province of Uzen (+ a district of Ugo ) through the prefectural fusions of the Meiji period . The city of Yamagata, until then part of Murayama County or from 1878 South Murayama of Uzen / Yamagata, became one of the first independent cities in Japan on April 1, 1889 as Yamagata-shi.

Due to incorporations, especially in the 1950s, the city expanded to include considerable parts of the earlier districts of East and South Murayama.


Yamagata Railway Station

Sights and festivals

An autumn tradition is imoni-kai ( 芋 煮 会 , sweet potato cooking party ). Taro potatoes, thinly sliced ​​meat and vegetables are heated in pots at picnic areas. Popular picnic spots are the Mamigasaki river banks . Once a year the city administration donates a giant Imoni pot.

In the center of the city west of the train station is the Kajō Kōen ( 霞 城 公園 ), on the ground of the castle Yamagata of the feudal ruler Mogami Yoshiaki. While much of the park is made up of sports facilities and public buildings, the rebuilt walls, main east gate, and moat are impressive. The park is planted with cherry trees. There is a natural and social museum in the park. Not far from the park is the Yamagata Museum of Art with Japanese and European art.

The Hanagasa Festival ( 花 笠 祭 りhanagasa matsuri ), which is held annually in August, is one of the largest festivals in Tōhoku.

The Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival is held every two years .

The famous Ryūshaku-ji (Yama-dera) temple is located within the city, a 15-minute train ride from the center.

Close to the city is the Zaō winter sports area , famous for the frost in the trees.


The city is home to the Kojirakawa and Iida campuses of Yamagata University . The Kojirakawa Campus is home to the Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Education, Art, and Science. The Faculty of Medicine with the nursing school and the university hospital are located on the Iida campus.


Yamagata is the home of the Montedio Yamagata football club from the J. League , whose games are played in the Yamagata PGA Park .

Yamagata City Hall

Twin cities

sons and daughters of the town

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