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AustriaAustria  Austrian Cultural Forum
Austrian Authority
Logo of the Austrian cultural forums
State level Federation
Position of the authority subordinate agency
At sight Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (BMEIA)
founding different uniform than since 2001 Austrian Cultural Forum named
Headquarters various, mainly located at the foreign representations of the host cities
Authority management various, civil servants or contract agents of the higher service
Website at the respective diplomatic mission or your own website

Österreichisches Kulturforum (spelling: austria kultur int ) is the collective name of several cultural institutes in various cities around the world, which are operated as a subsidiary of the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (BMEIA). Their task is the cultural and scientific dialogue with artists and scientists from the respective host country. The respective leaders have diplomatic status.

A cultural forum is geared towards the specific requirements of the respective local users and partners and works independently in terms of content. The Kulturforum positions Austria as a modern and cosmopolitan cultural nation. The international network of Austrian culture abroad currently consists of 29 cultural forums in 27 countries.

Austrian foreign cultural policy

Principles of Austrian foreign cultural policy:

  • Austrian foreign cultural policy is active and formative. The "Foreign Culture ConceptNEU" has been in effect since 2001, in which the tasks and goals of foreign cultural policy are formulated. Since the culture of Austria offers the chance of worldwide awareness, international moments of attention should be created for Austria through cultural activities.
  • The goals of Austrian foreign cultural policy are therefore:
    • The location Austria in Europe should be made understandable and perceptible through cultural means.
    • The international activities in the field of art, culture and science must be supplemented by educational projects, because the future European knowledge area depends on the success of European educational ideas.
    • Commitment to a Europe of diversity is intended to counteract excessive identity politics, because, as Stefan Zweig already formulated, Austria allows both a patriot and a global citizen.

In addition, the goals of Austrian foreign cultural policy are determined by the following tasks:

  • Austria wants to contribute to Europe becoming more cultural, because Europe's strengths also lie in its cultural diversity.
  • Our neighbors should be won as allies in realizing the opportunities of the cultural area of ​​Central Europe.
  • Southeast Europe should be fully integrated into the cultural dialogue of Europe so that the strengthening of civil society in these countries facilitates stabilization.
  • The dialogue between cultures and civilizations is to be strengthened in concrete terms, because Austria has had historical experience with the clash of languages ​​and cultures and with totalitarian ideologies.

List of Austrian cultural forums

Partly founded as a cultural institute or set up as a cultural department of an Austrian embassy , all locations were renamed in March 2001 as a cultural forum in the language of the host country. The abbreviation of the city in which the Kulturforum is located is attached directly to this name, in superscript in each case.

Country city founding Name in local language annotation
SerbiaSerbia Serbia Belgrade 2001 austrijski kulturni forum
GermanyGermany Germany Berlin 1991 Austrian cultural forum ber
SwitzerlandSwitzerland Switzerland Bern 2001 Austrian cultural forum
SlovakiaSlovakia Slovakia Bratislava 1990 rakúske kultúrne forúm
BelgiumBelgium Belgium Brussels 2001 forum culturel austrian bru , oostenrijks cultuurforum bru , austrian culture forum bru
HungaryHungary Hungary Budapest 1976 osztrák kulturális forum
RomaniaRomania Romania Bucharest 1999 forumul cultural austriac
TurkeyTurkey Turkey Istanbul 1974 avusturya cold door ofisi
EgyptEgypt Egypt Cairo 1959 austrian cultural forum
UkraineUkraine Ukraine Kiev 1994 австрійський культурний форум
PolandPoland Poland Krakow 1990 austriackie forum kultury Not listed on the BMEIA website as of June 26, 2016.
SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia Ljubljana
1990 avstrijski kulturni forum
United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom London 1956 austrian cultural forum
SpainSpain Spain Madrid 1992 foro cultural de austria
ItalyItaly Italy Milan 1993 forum austriaco di cultura
MexicoMexico Mexico Mexico city 2002 foro cultural de austria
RussiaRussia Russia Moscow 2001 Австрийский культурный форум в Москве
IndiaIndia India New Delhi 2007 austrian cultural forum
United StatesUnited States United States new York 1956 austrian cultural forum nyc New building by Raimund Abraham , opened in 2002 during the tenure of the then manager Christoph Thun-Hohenstein .
CanadaCanada Canada Ottawa 2001 austrian cultural forum
FranceFrance France Paris 1954 Forum Culturel Austria
China People's RepublicPeople's Republic of China People's Republic of China Beijing 2004 (中国) 奥地利 文化 论坛 [Zhōngguó] Àodìlì wénhuà lúntán
Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic Prague 1993 rakouské kulturní forum
ItalyItaly Italy Rome 1935 forum austriaco di cultura
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo 2018 Austrijski kulturni forum Sarajevo Part of the Austrian Embassy Sarajevo.
IranIran Iran Tehran 1958 انجمن فرهنگی اتريش The only cultural forum where German is also taught.
IsraelIsrael Israel Tel Aviv 2001
JapanJapan Japan Tokyo 2001 オ ー ス ト リ ア 文化 フ ォ ー ラ ム
PolandPoland Poland Warsaw 1965 austriackie forum kultury
United StatesUnited States United States Washington 2001 austrian cultural forum what
CroatiaCroatia Croatia Zagreb 1974 austrijski kulturni forum

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