AM4 chipsets

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AM4 chipset series
Supported CPU (s) AMD Fusion
AMD Athlon (Zen)
Ryzen (Zen, Zen +)
Ryzen (Zen2)
Supported Sockets AT 4
Enthusiast segment X chipsets
Performance segment B chipsets
Mainstream segment A chipsets
predecessor AMD 900 series

The AM4 chipsets are a chipset family from AMD for processors of the Zen architecture. They are the successor to the AMD 900 series and were released in early 2017. After years of development, there were major differences and innovations to the previous Bulldozer and Piledriver architecture , so that the processors of the previous FX generation are not typically AMD compatible with the new chips. In addition, there was also no need for a Northbridge, which is now integrated in the CPU.

The chips support processors of the Zen and Zen + generation. However, the 300 series requires a BIOS update in order to be able to use Zen + (Ryzen CPUs of the 2000 series), while the younger 400 series recognizes the new processors ex works. Since some manufacturers failed to deliver the older mainboards with an update, some customers needed a CPU from the previous series in order to carry out the update themselves. AMD offered them to affected customers as loaner CPUs.

The A / B or X300 are designed as mini-ITX chipsets and therefore offer relatively few additional interfaces and are particularly energy-saving. These are not separate chips, products with these “chipsets” only use the built-in functionality of the CPUs.

The X570 chipset, which was introduced in mid-2019, has PCIe 4.0 and supports CPUs of the 2nd and 3rd generation, which is also newly introduced. Chipsets of the 400 series receive a BIOS update for the 3rd generation, but the older 300 series (from the B350 chipset) only receives possible beta BIOS versions from the board partners in order to be able to use Zen2.

Model overview

Chipset Manufacturing
PCI Express lanes
SATA ports USB ports Overclocking TDP
6 Gbit / s 3.2 Gen 2 3.2 Gen 1 2.0
A / B300 N / A - - - - - No 0.5 W
X300 Yes
A320 55 nm 4 Gen2 2 1 2 6th No 5.8 W
B350 6 Gen2 2 2 Yes
X370 8 Gen2 4th 6th
B450 6 Gen2 2 4.8 W
X470 8 Gen2 6th
A520 4/6 Gen3 2/4 1 2 No
B550 14 nm 6 Gen3 4th 2 2 Yes
X570 14 nm 16 Gen4 12 8th 0 4th Yes ~ 11 W.

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