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Instruction set : MIPS
Microarchitecture : MIPS

Alchemy is a microprocessor family from Raza Microelectronics (RMI for short). The processors were delivered to RMI on June 13, 2006 by Advanced Micro Devices as part of a strategic partnership. RMI will continue to develop the Alchemy product line and AMD will continue to market it under its own name. RMI was taken over by NetLogic Microsystems, a specialist in network components, itself acquired by Broadcom in February 2012 .


The Alchemy is based on a 32-bit MIPS architecture with numerous extensions such as B. AES encryption and the like. The design is optimized for low power consumption.

operation area

The Alchemy is mainly installed in embedded systems such as tablet computers or set-top boxes . Microsoft Windows CE .NET, VxWorks or Linux are used as the operating system .


  • Au1000
  • Au1100
  • Au1200, Au1250
  • Au1310, Au1320, Au1350, Au1370, Au1380
  • Au1500, Au1550

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