AMD 800 series

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AMD 800 or 8 series chipset
Supported CPU (s) Phenom
Supported Sockets AM3, AM3 +
Southbridge (s) SB850, SB710
Desktop / Mobile
Enthusiast segment 890FX
Performance segment 890GX
Mainstream segment 880G, 870
Direct3D support of the IGP 10.1
predecessor AMD 700 series
successor AMD 900 series

The AMD 800 series is a chipset family from AMD for K10 processors and is the successor to the AMD 700 series . In contrast to the previous generation, the 800 series is currently only intended for the AM3 socket .


AMD presented the first model of the 800 series on March 2, 2010 at the CeBit computer fair in Hanover. This was the 890GX chipset, which, as the name suggests, is to replace the older 790GX chipset from summer 2008. The Northbridge developed under the code name RS880P is technically identical to the 785G chipset (code name: RS880) presented in August 2009 . Only the existing interface to the Southbridge is now connected via four PCI Express 2.0 lines, which were previously operated with the PCI Express 1.1 standard. With the standard now called “A-Link Express III”, the transfer rate increases to a total of 4 GByte / s (2 GByte / s per direction). The SB850 southbridge, on the other hand, has been newly developed and for the first time natively supports the SATA III standard. Previously, this had to be provided via additional chips. The USB 3.0 interface is not supported by the chipset itself, but many mainboards with an AMD 8 chipset also offer USB 3.0, which is implemented via an additional NEC controller. The development of the SB850 chip was probably too far advanced by the time the final USB 3.0 specification was completed. The Radeon HD 4290 is used as the IGP , which is a higher clocked Radeon HD 4200 . The continued to use RV620 - GPU but is now operated with 700 instead of 500 MHz.

The models 890FX, 880G and 870 followed on April 27, 2010.

Model overview

All chipsets are named after the Northbridge used.


model Code name Publication date Manufacturing
CPU connection IGP PCIe 2.0 lanes Southbridge Multi-GPU technology TDP Others
AMD 890FX RD890 April 27, 2010 65 nm 2000 MHz HT 3.0 - 42 lanes SB850 ATI Crossfire X 19.6 W IOMMU 1.2
AMD 890GX RS880P March 2, 2010 55 nm 2000 MHz HT 3.0 ATI Radeon HD 4290 22 lanes SB850 ATI Crossfire X , ATI Hybrid Crossfire 25 W HD video support, Avivo-HD, DirectX 10.1, UVD 2.0
AMD 880G RS880D April 27, 2010 55 nm 2000 MHz HT 3.0 ATI Radeon HD 4250 22 lanes SB850 / SB710 ATI Hybrid Crossfire 18 W HD video support, Avivo-HD, DirectX 10.1, UVD 2.0
AMD 870 RD870 April 27, 2010 65 nm 2000 MHz HT 3.0 - 22 lanes SB850 / SB710 - 12.5 W -

Integrated graphics (IGP)

Some chipsets of the AMD 800 series have an integrated graphics core ( IGP ). The main difference between the models is the clock rate, which is 25% higher for the HD 4290.

model DirectX API Clock rate (MHz) Video acceleration Supported video formats Multi-GPU technology Other video functions Supported video output modes SurroundView
MPEG-2 H.264 VC-1 DisplayPort
(with DPCP )
HDMI 1.2a
(with HDCP )
(with HDCP )
Radeon HD 4250 10.1 560 Yes Yes, UVD 2 Yes Completely Completely ATI Hybrid Graphics Dual video stream Yes Yes Yes Yes limited
Radeon HD 4290 10.1 700 Yes Yes, UVD 2 Yes Completely Completely ATI Hybrid Graphics Dual video stream Yes Yes Yes Yes limited

Multi-screen operation is possible with both models, but only one digital interface can be addressed at a time. Thus, only the modes VGA + DVI, VGA + HDMI or VGA + Displayport are possible.


model Manufacturing
PCI connectors PCIe 2.0 lanes PATA SATA Supported RAID Modes USB connections Ethernet Audio NB-SB interface TDP
SB710 130 nm 6 (Rev. 2.3, 33 MHz) - 2 x ATA-133 6 × SATA-II (3 Gbit / s) 0, 1, 10 12 × USB 2.0 + 2 × USB 1.1 - HDA A-Link Express II 4.5 W
SB850 65 nm 4 (Rev. 2.3, 33 MHz) 2 - 6 × SATA-III (6 Gbit / s) 0, 1, 5, 10 14 × USB 2.0 + 2 × USB 1.1 GbE -MAC, additional PHY required HDA A-Link Express III 4 W

In addition, a slimmed-down SB850 was planned with the SB810, but this has been postponed indefinitely. It should correspond to the SB850, but only handle SATA-II and not support Raid mode 5. Since (as of June 2011) the chipset series 900 with also new Southbridges is already available, a release of the SB810 seems very questionable.

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