AMD Athlon II

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AMD Athlon II.png
Production: since 2009
Processor clock: 1.6 GHz to 3.6 GHz
HT cycle: 2.0 GHz
L2 cache size: 1 MiB to 4 MiB
Instruction set : x86 / AMD64
Microarchitecture : K10 , AMD Bulldozer , AMD Jaguar
Names of the processor cores:
  • Regor
  • Propus
  • Rana
  • Stars (Llano)
  • Piledriver (Trinity, Richland)
  • jaguar

The AMD Athlon II from AMD is a multi-core processor for desktop computers and a representative of the K10 or Bulldozer architecture (socket FM2). The first models have been available since June 2, 2009. Athlon II is the direct successor to the Athlon X2 processors .

The Athlon II processors for sockets AM2 (+), AM3 and FM1 are, like the Phenom II processors, representatives of the K10 architecture. Athlon II processors for the FM2 socket are representatives of the Bulldozer architecture and are based on the A10 APUs with deactivated graphics. They were presented in the 4th quarter of 2012.


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Unlike the Phenom II X2, the Athlon II X2 processor based on the Regor design does not have an L3 cache, but the L2 cache per CPU core is twice as large as the Phenom II X2. In a few models based on Regor , the L2 cache is again half deactivated. In addition, Regor with a deactivated core is used as a so-called Sargas in current Sempron models.


In contrast to Deneb, the L3 cache was deactivated for processors based on the Propus design .


If a complete core and associated caches are deactivated in the Propus design, the three-core processor Rana is created .

Stars (Llano)

Processors based on the Stars design, in contrast to processors based on Propus, have not only integrated the memory controller, but the complete Northbridge including the PCIe controller on the processor chip. Accordingly, there is only one southbridge on the mainboard , which, as usual with AMD, is addressed with a Unified Media Interface (UMI), UMI is based on PCI Express .

Piledriver (Trinity, Richland)

In contrast to processors based on Llano, Athlon II processors for the FM2 socket are based on the Bulldozer architecture instead of the K10 architecture. As with Llano, the northbridge and PCIe controller are also located on the processor chip. The Southbridge is addressed via the UMI (Unified Media Interface).

Jaguar (Kabini)

Athlon processors for the AM1 socket are based on the Jaguar x86 microarchitecture, which was introduced by AMD in 2013. The processors are designed as SoC, so that no north or south bridge is required on the mainboard.