List of AMD microprocessors

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This is a list of AMD PC microprocessors, by location .

Desktop CPUs and APUs

Mobile CPUs and APUs

Server CPUs

  • AMD Athlon MP series : Palomino, Thoroughbred A / B, Barton
  • AMD Opteron series
    • Opteron 1xx: Sledgehammer, Venus, Denmark
    • Opteron 2xx: Sledgehammer, Troy, Italy
    • Opteron 8xx: Sledgehammer, Athens, Egypt
    • Opteron 1xxx: Santa Ana, Budapest, Suzuka
    • Opteron 2xxx: Santa Rosa, Barcelona, ​​Shanghai, Istanbul
    • Opteron 8xxx: Santa Rosa, Barcelona, ​​Shanghai, Istanbul
    • Opteron 33xx: Delhi
    • Opteron 41xx: Lisbon
    • Opteron 43xx: Seoul
    • Opteron 42xx: Valencia
    • Opteron 61xx: Magny-Cours
    • Opteron 62xx: Interlagos
    • Opteron 63xx: Abu Dhabi
    • Opteron 63xxP: Warsaw
  • AMD Epyc series

Embedded CPUs

  • AMD Alchemy is based on MIPS architecture (sold to AMD partner Raza Microelectronics )
    • Au1000
    • Au1500
    • Au1550
    • Au1100
  • AMD Geode is based on x86 architecture
    • Geode GX renamed National Semiconductor Geode GX2
    • Geode LX improved variant of the Geode GX
    • Geode NX based on the Athlon XP Thoroughbred B
    • Geode SC SoC variant of the Geode GX
  • Microcontroller
    • Élan SC for 32 bit
    • AM186 for 16 bit
  • AMD64 embedded processors
    • AMD Sempron series (socket & BGA)
    • AMD Turion series
    • AMD Athlon series
    • AMD Opteron series
    • AMD Embedded G series


  • Am29000 series
  • Seattle CPUs (ARM)

Bit-slice building blocks

  • Am2900 family (base: 4 bit)
  • Am29116 family (base: 16 bit)

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