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An all-star game is a game in which the best players in the league, the all-star team , either against each other (especially in North America) or against the national team of the respective country (especially in North America) in different sports once a season in Germany). The players are elected by fans. Since the tradition of the All-Star Games comes from North America, such games are less traditional in soccer , which is not as popular in the USA , than in American football , baseball , basketball or ice hockey .

All-Star Games in the USA

NFL (American Football)

The National Football League holds the so-called Pro Bowl every year .

NBA (basketball)

The National Basketball Association's All-Star Game takes place every February in a different major US city. On every All-Star-Game-Weekend there are also a. the slam dunk competition and the 3-point competition take place. In this all-star game, the best players from the teams in the Western Conference compete against those in the Eastern Conference .

see NBA All-Star Game

NHL (ice hockey)

The National Hockey League also has an all-star game between the West and the East every year . It was officially played for the first time in the 1947/48 season, although there was a benefit game with NHL stars as early as 1934 .

see NHL All-Star Game

MLB (baseball)

The all-star game of Major League Baseball takes place annually in early to mid-July at the halfway point of the season between players of the American League and the National League . The players are chosen by the fans as well as by the players themselves and the two team managers. The All-Star Game was played for the first time on the occasion of the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago and has been played every year since then, with the exception of 1945. Home law usually changes between the two leagues every year, so the game is played alternately in stadiums by American League and National League teams, which is also played according to the rules of which league (especially the designated hitter concerns). After the all-star game ended in a draw in 2002 (which is almost impossible in today's baseball), the game has been given a new meaning since 2003: the home right in the first game of the World Series (played between the best team of the American and National League ) goes to the team whose league won the All-Star Game.

see MLB All-Star Game

MLS (soccer)

The Major League Soccer is directed since its founding season in every year in late July or early August, an All-Star Game from the 1996th The mode changed again and again. In the early years it was the usual game west against east, now the trend is in the direction of a league selection against a renowned foreign team in order to increase the popularity of the MLS both at home and abroad.

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NASCAR (Stock Car Race)

The so-called "Sprint All-Star Race" is a race with all winners of the previous and current racing season as well as ten winners of the Sprint Series and the All-Star Race itself. It has been held since 1985 and takes place at Lowe's Motor Speedway .

NLL (Indoor Lacrosse)

The National Lacrosse League's All-Star Game takes place in March every year since its inception in 1991.

MLL (Lacrosse)

The All-Star Game has been held annually in July since the Major League Lacrosse was founded in 2001.

WNBA (basketball)

The "Women's National Basketball Association All-Star Game" or "WNBA All-Star Game" for short, the top women's basketball league in the USA is played every second year. The first WNBA All-Star Game took place in 1999 .

see WNBA All-Star Game

All-Star Games in Germany

BBL (basketball)

The basketball Bundesliga organizes an all-star game every year, in which the best players from the teams from the north compete against the best from the south. The players and coaches of the national teams are chosen by fans.

see BBL All-Star Game

DBV (baseball)

The baseball all-star game was played annually from 1994 to 2000. After a break due to the European Championship, the last all-star game took place at Mainz Athletics in 2002 , before the event was paused for ten years at the request of the clubs. The tradition of the all-star game was resumed in 2012.

DBV (softball)

The softball all-star game took place annually from 2002 to 2011, initially as an independent event, later as part of the youth country cup. In 2012, the All-Star Softball Game was replaced by the German Cup, the final of which is now being played as part of the Youth Country Cup.

DEL (ice hockey)

The all-star game has been a tradition in the German ice hockey league for years. An all-star team (DEL selection) has met the German national team so far . On February 3, 2007 in Mannheim, the mode was different for the first time. The best players in the DEL were divided into a European and a North American team.

Part of the show program every year is the “Skills Competition”, a competition in which, among other things, the hardest slap shot, the fastest skater or the best dribbling team is determined.

see DEL All-Star Game

ESBG (ice hockey)

On February 28, 2006 , an all-star game of the 2nd Bundesliga and the Oberliga took place for the first time in the Straubing ice stadium at the Pulverturm. In 2007 the All-Star Game took place in Ravensburg, where Team United won against Team German 16: 4.

see ESBG-Allstar-Game

Bundesliga (soccer)

The German Football League in 2005 hosted jointly with the German Football Association an All-Star Game from. It took place in the Arena Auf Schalke and ended in a 2-2 draw. An international Bundesliga selection competed against the German national team . The proceeds from the game were donated to the victims of the flood disaster in Southeast Asia .

HBL (handball)

In the Handball All Star Game, the German men's national handball team plays against a selection of the best players from the handball Bundesliga (both Germans and foreigners). On the fringes of the event, the “Player of the Season”, the “Coach of the Season”, the “Referee Team of the Season” and two personalities will be honored for their “life's work / career achievement handball”. The idea for a handball all-star game was born at the beginning of 2000. The all-star game, based on the American model, was supposed to end the Bundesliga season. The first three editions have been held in Münster , Westphalia, since 2000 and received such a great response that from 2003 to 2005 they moved to the Volkswagen Hall in Braunschweig . From 2006 to 2010 the All-Star-Game was played in the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin and from 2011 to 2014 in the arena in Leipzig . The 2015 venue was the Nürnberger Versicherung Arena in Nuremberg .

see HBL All-Star Game

All-Star Games in Austria

EBEL (ice hockey)

In the KELLY'S All-Star-Game of the Austrian Ice Hockey League , a selection of Austrian players meets a selection of the best legionnaires. The All-Star Game has been held annually since 2006 ; the venue has always been the Albert-Schultz-Halle in Vienna .

ÖBL (basketball)

The national team plays in the all-star game of the Austrian Basketball Bundesliga against a selection of the best non-Austrians in the league. The first all-star game took place in Oberwart .

ÖFB (football)

In 2006 the Austrian Football Association hosted an all-star game. A Bundesliga selection played against a first division selection. The all-star game took place on July 14, 2006 in Ried and ended with a 3-3 draw. The idea was then rejected again.

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