Before sunset

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German title Before sunset
Original title Before sunset
Country of production United States
original language English , French
Publishing year 2004
length 77 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director Richard Linklater
script Richard Linklater,
Kim Krizan ,
Julie Delpy,
Ethan Hawke
production Anne Walker-McBay ,
Richard Linklater
music Julie Delpy
camera Lee Daniel
cut Sandra Adair

←  Predecessor
Before Sunrise

Successor  →
Before Midnight

Before Sunset ( German  Before Sunset ) is an American movie from the year 2004 . It is the sequel to Before Sunrise (1995), was continued with Before Midnight (2013) and was realized like this by director Richard Linklater with Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke in the lead roles.


Nine years after the extraordinary encounter between Jesse and Celine in Vienna , the two meet again, this time in Paris . Jesse is on a reading tour of Europe as a writer. The two had agreed to meet in six months' time the morning after the night in Vienna. However, this did not happen because Celine could not come because of the death of her grandmother. Jesse was in Vienna, but since they had not exchanged addresses or other contact options, the two never saw each other again.

Jesse has since had great success as a writer with a novel depicting their nocturnal romance and is married. Celine is irritated, but also flattered, to suddenly find herself as the main character in a novel. Professionally, she is involved as an environmental activist and also lives in a partnership. They find their way back to their old familiarity pretty quickly, as if there hadn't been all the years between their last meeting.

At first it seems as if they both have their lives completely under control, but gradually it turns out that neither Jesse nor Celine could forget their night together and both are unhappy in their current lives. They realize they were meant to be together, and on the drive to Celine's apartment they confess their love for each other.

This time too, Jesse has to catch a plane, but he keeps postponing his departure. The last scene in Celine's apartment ends with the words: "Baby, you missed your plane." - "I know."


The film cost about 2.7 million US dollars and was on 10 February 2004 at the Berlin International Film Festival premiere. The film was shot on 15 days in Paris.

After its release in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland on June 17 and 18, 2004, the film was released on July 2, 2004 in US cinemas, where it grossed 5.82 million US dollars. The gross profit outside the USA was 10.17 million US dollars.

Julie Delpy's parents have made short appearances in the film.

The second sequel to the trio Linklater, Hawke and Delpy followed in 2013 with the film Before Midnight .


David Denby said in the New Yorker that after Before Sunrise and Before Sunset another sequel was to be desired.

In the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on February 10, 2004, Michael Althen wrote that Before Sunset was a small film about big questions. It's about what remains of love and how life plays. It is a film whose magic is as easy as a late summer day in Paris, if not even easier.

The lexicon of international films wrote that the film was "a film rich in dialogue, pleasantly relaxed and played with a sleepwalking confidence".

Epd Film said that Linklater could easilybuildon the magic of Before Sunrise and could even deepen it. Before Sunset is a film like a magical chanson.


Before Sunset was nominated for several awards, including 2005 for the Oscar in the category Best Adapted Screenplay and the Golden Bear at the 2004 Berlinale . The film in was as nominated Gotham Awards in the category Best Film in the Online Film Critics Society as Best Film and for Best Adapted Screenplay , as well as the Independent Spirit Awards in the category Best Screenplay .

Julie Delpy received a Best Actress award at the Empire Awards and was nominated for the Online Film Critics Society Award, but was beaten by Kate Winslet for Forget Mine Not! was awarded.

In 2016, Before Sunset ranked 73rd in a BBC poll of the 100 most important films of the 21st century .

The German film and media rating FBW in Wiesbaden awarded the film - like Before Sunrise - the rating “particularly valuable”.

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