In a class of its own (1992)

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German title In a class of its own
Original title A League of Their Own
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1992
length 122 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Penny Marshall
script Kim Wilson ,
Kelly Candaele (Story),
Lowell Ganz ,
Babaloo Almond
production Elliot Abbott ,
Robert Greenhut
music Hans Zimmer
camera Miroslav Ondříček
cut Adam Bernardi ,
George Bowers

In a class of its own is a 1992 American film . It tells the story of two sisters who were on the female baseball teams of the United States' All-American Girls Professional Baseball League during World War II . Directed by Penny Marshall and the cast includes Tom Hanks , Geena Davis and Madonna . The story is loosely based on actual events.


The story begins in the United States in 1988. Dotti Hinson is urged by her daughter to go to an annual meeting of the former women's baseball league. Dotti Hinson has great doubts and would like not to drive at all. Your daughter can prevail and so Dotti place after their journey on the "Doubleday Field" in Cooperstown again. She looks around and there is a cut to a television program in the mid-1940s. It is reported there that the baseball men have registered for their service in Europe and therefore no baseball will be played until the war is over.

Willamette, Oregon 1943: A women's baseball game. Dotti gives her younger sister Kit tips on how to play. This ignores the information and promptly does not score any points. Your sister is turning the game around. On their parents' farm, Dotti and Kit are visited by Ernie Capadino, a talent scout. He has seen the two sisters play and wants to take Dotti with him to Chicago for a preliminary decision . Dotti is not very interested in the event, especially since she is married and her husband is at war. Her sister, however, is immediately enthusiastic, but the talent scout doesn't want to know anything about her at first. But he suggests to Kit that she can come along if she can convince her sister to come to the preliminary decisions.

When Ernie Capadino is already on the train to Chicago, Kit and Dotti come running and can just jump on the train that is already moving. On their way to Chicago they make a stopover in Fort Collins , where Capadino wants to see a girl. Marla is very good, but Capadino doesn't want to take her because she is not a beauty. Kit and Dotti don't like this attitude and refuse to go with them if Marla is not allowed to come. They can prevail and together they reach Chicago. There were over 100 girls to choose from, but only 64 girls are needed for four teams. Dotti and Kit meet Doris and Mae for the first time. The two make fun of Dotti and Kit. When they toss them a baseball, Dotti catches it with his bare hand, which leaves them standing there with their mouths open. After the eliminations all four are in the team of the "Rockford Peaches". The girls first have to attend a behavior school.

Your team is coached by former baseball star Jimmy Dugan. He comes to their first game completely drunk and doesn't care about the girls at all. In her need, Dotti makes a line-up and the team wins. Lowenstein makes it clear to Dugan that he should kindly take care of his team more. After a while Evelyn has to take her son Stilwell with her, who turns out to be a real devil and gets on the girls' nerves. The girls use a trick to switch off their chaperone during a stay . She is doing so badly that she vomits all the time. The girls use this to have fun in the city. Dotti follows to get the girls back because Lowenstein is on his way to the bar. Marla is now drunk and sings songs on the stage. However, she even has an admirer in Nelson.

In their next game, Jimmy Dugan actually becomes aware of the game. There is a dispute with Dotti, who has previously led the team. She makes it clear to him that he should also act as a trainer.

One day Lowenstein has to tell the girls that the donors want to stop the women's baseball league for lack of interest. TIME magazine reporters are also present at the game and he asks the girls to do their best. Dotti catches a ball in the splits , which brings her to the front page. Interest in the games increases. Doris even has twins as admirers and Marla marries her Nelson.

The team is growing closer and closer together and Jimmy Dugan is also slowly becoming interested in her and her stories. But there is also tension between Dotti and Kit. Also, the war seems to be slowly coming to an end, and donors want to reinstate the league. Ira Lowenstein has come to appreciate the girls and is committed to maintaining the league.

After another argument between Dotti and Kit, Dotti makes the decision that she wants to leave the team. Lowenstein wants to stop her because he tells her about the problems. He assumes the problem is Kit and so she is transferred to another team. Kit is furious and confronts Dotti because she is going to join the “Racine Belles” team.

The girls have even written their own song, the All American Girls Professional Baseball League Song . Before a game, a postman comes with a telegram from the War Department. Unfortunately, he didn't write the name down and wants to go back again. Jimmy Dugan takes the telegram from him and has to tell Betty that her husband has fallen. Dotti obviously takes this with her and as she sits crying in her room she receives an unexpected visitor: Her husband Bob is back from the war due to an injury. Dotti returns home with her husband.

In the final of the championship, the “Peaches” and the “Belles” face each other. Kit meets her former teammates. To her surprise, Dotti is there again. It will be an exciting game and in the decisive phase Kit is the bat for the “Racine Belles”, while Dotti is the catcher of the “Rockford Peaches”. Kit's nerves are on edge, and Dotti gives her team the tip to throw high, fast balls, because Kit almost never gets them, but tries again and again. But this time she hits the ball. Kit and Dotti collide, with Dotti dropping the ball. Because of this mishap, the “Racine Belles” win the championship.

After this final, the donors decide to continue the league. Dotti returns to Oregon while Kit plans to stay in Chicago. Jimmy Dugan meets Dotti's husband. He also tells her that he will continue to coach the women's team.

Time jump back to the year 1988. Two older women notice Dotti. One of them throws a ball and Dotti catches it with his bare hand. So it is clear that it is Dotti. The two women are Doris and Mae. Dotti also meets the other women from her former team. This is how you find out that Dotti's husband has died. And Stilwell is there too, because his mother has also passed away. Dotti is in the Baseball Hall of Fame in front of a picture of Jimmy Dugan with the inscription: Jimmy Dugan hit 1,936 58 home runs . Born 1906 - Died 1987 . Lowenstein is allowed to cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony. The women start their song. Meanwhile, Dotti stands in front of a picture of herself and her sister. Suddenly, Kit shows up with her family and they embrace. Finally, they take a photo of the first “Rockford Peaches”.

During the credits, in which the song This Used to Be My Playground sung by Madonna can be heard, you can see pictures from the film and recordings of an actual baseball game of the women's professional baseball league.


  • The women in the credits all belonged to the women's professional league in baseball described in the film . In the credits, the film is dedicated to the members of the All American Girl Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL).
  • The actual women's professional baseball league existed in the United States from 1943 to 1954.
  • The role of Jimmy Dugan, played by Tom Hanks, is based on the life of the American baseball star Jimmie Foxx .
  • The director Penny Marshall cast the role of "Betty Spaghetti" with her daughter Tracy Reiner . The actor who plays Walter Harvey is her brother Garry Marshall .
  • The actresses played all of the baseball scenes themselves.
  • In one scene in the film, the issue of racial discrimination is also hinted at. The fact that initially no African-American women were considered for the league is shown by a black woman throwing a ball back in one of the first games. Catcher Ellen Sue's hand hurts from this powerful throw, despite her glove.
  • The film grossed just under $ 108 million on a budget of around $ 40 million .
  • During the filming, Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell became friends. Their friendship continues to this day.
  • Ann Cusack is the sister of John and Joan Cusack .


Golden Globe 1993


  • Best Actress (Comedy / Musical): Geena Davis
  • Best original song: This used to be my playground by Madonna and Shep Pettibone

1993 Grammy Awards


Hochi Film Award 1993

  • Best foreign language film

MTV Movie Awards 1993


ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards 1993

  • Best movie song: This used to be my playground by Madonna and Shep Pettibone

Library of Congress


"The story of the 'Rockford Peaches', a team in the first season, offers intelligent Hollywood entertainment, perfectly balanced between transfiguration, sentiment, wit, sporty drama and a few swipes at male chauvinism."

"A lovable, nostalgic comedy that also captivates as a picture of an era and as a story of an emancipation"

- tz

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