Eparchy Piana degli Albanesi

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Eparchy Piana degli Albanesi
Map of the Eparchy of Piana degli Albanesi
Basic data
Rite church Italo-Albanian Church
Country Italy
Church region Sicily
Ecclesiastical province Immediate
Diocesan bishop Sedis vacancy
Emeritus diocesan bishop Giorgio Demetrio Gallaro
founding 1937
surface 420 km²
Parishes 15 ( AP2008 )
Residents 30,000 ( AP2008 )
Catholics 28,500 ( AP2008 )
proportion of 95%
Diocesan priest 30 ( AP2008 )
Religious priest 1 ( AP2008 )
Catholics per priest 919
Permanent deacons 1 ( AP2008 )
Friars 8 ( AP2008 )
Religious sisters 121 ( AP2008 )
rite Byzantine rite
Liturgical language Greek
cathedral San Demetrio Cathedral in Piana degli Albanesi
Co-cathedral San Nicolò dei Greci in Palermo
Website http://www.eparchiapiana.it/

The Eparchy Piana degli Albanesi ( ital . : Eparchia di Piana degli Albanesi , alb . : Eparhia e Horës së Arbëreshëvet , lat . : Eparchia Planensis Albanensium ) is an eparchy , d. H. a diocese with a Greek rite of the Roman Catholic Church in Sicily . It is one of the two Italian-Albanian dioceses in Italy . The eparchy belongs to the ecclesiastical region of Sicily , but is not assigned to any ecclesiastical province , but immediately , i.e. directly subordinate to the Holy See .

San Demetrio Cathedral


In addition to the Cathedral of San Demetrio, there are eleven other churches of the eparchy in Piana degli Albanesi. Other places that belong to the eparchy are Contessa Entellina with six churches, Mezzojuso with nine churches, Palazzo Adriano with eight churches and Santa Cristina Gela with one church.

The co-cathedral Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio in Palermo , called La Martorana, is also the seat of the parish of San Nicolò dei Greci for all believers living in Palermo with the Byzantine rite.


Epiphany procession 2007

In the 15th and 16th centuries, numerous Albanians and Greeks fled the Turks to southern Italy and Sicily and founded new settlements there. They preserved the Byzantine rite common in the Eastern Church , which was later promoted by the Holy See. They maintained close relationships with the semi-autonomous Christian community of Himara in Albania until the 17th century . Mission priests were sent there several times. In 1734 the Albanian priest Giorgio Guzzetta, with the support of the archbishop, founded the Greco-Albanian seminary in Palermo , where most of the priests of the Byzantine rite were trained from then on.

Up until the 20th century, these parishes with the Byzantine rite were subordinate to the respective Roman Catholic local bishops of the Latin dioceses. After a separate diocese (“ eparchy ”) had already been established in southern Italy in 1917 for the parishes with the Byzantine rite, the Eparchy Lungro , the Eparchy Piana degli Albanesi for the Italo-Albanian parishes in Sicily was also established on October 26, 1937. While at first only the parishes with the Byzantine rite belonged to the eparchy, in 1960 the parishes with the Latin rite on their territory were also affiliated to it.

The Eparchy Piana degli Albanesi is united with the Eparchy Lungro and Santa Maria di Grottaferrata , a territorial abbey of the Byzantine Rite near Rome, in a conference association, the Italo-Albanian Church . In 2004 the three jurisdictions held their second joint synod in the basilica of Grottaferrata, the first in 1940 in the same place.


Bishop Sotir Ferrara at the 2007 Epiphany liturgy

From 1937 to 1967 the Eparchy Piana degli Albanesi was headed by an Apostolic Administrator . In 1967 Giuseppe Perniciaro, until then Auxiliary Bishop of Piana degli Albanesi, was appointed the first eparchen .

Apostolic Administrators:


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