Gymnasium at the Kaiserdom

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Gymnasium at the Kaiserdom
Gak old.jpg
Grammar school at the Kaiserdom in the building erected in 1902
type of school high school
School number 50554
founding 1540 as a Latin school

Große Pfaffengasse 6
67346 Speyer

place Speyer
country Rhineland-Palatinate
Country Germany
Coordinates 49 ° 18 '54 "  N , 8 ° 26' 26"  E Coordinates: 49 ° 18 '54 "  N , 8 ° 26' 26"  E
carrier City of Speyer
management Hartmut Loos

The Gymnasium am Kaiserdom , GaK for short , is a regular school in the Palatinate city ​​of Speyer , which acts as a school authority . The grammar school in a listed neo-renaissance building from 1902 goes back to the Latin school founded by the city council of Speyer in 1540 and is therefore one of the oldest grammar schools in Rhineland-Palatinate . Today, as a modern old-language grammar school, it encompasses an educational spectrum ranging from ancient Greek to information technology .

Geographical location

The GaK is located on the southern edge of the city center at 100  m above sea level. NHN about 200 m south of the Speyer Imperial Cathedral in Grosse Pfaffengasse 6. Immediately adjacent is the Palatinate Historical Museum .


Facade design in the neo-renaissance style

As early as 983 there was a reference to a Latin school at this location, the Speyer Cathedral School . One of her students was Walter von Speyer , who later, from 1006 to 1027, officiated as bishop in the city.

The founding of the grammar school was decided in 1525 by the city council of Speyer. It was only opened in 1540 after the turmoil of the Reformation and started as a Protestant Latin council school. After the Palatinate fell to the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1816 , the school was given different names one after the other: in 1817 "Lyceum", 1880 "Royal College" and 1891 "Royal Humanistic Gymnasium".

In 1967 the natural science department was spun off and moved into a new building, today's Friedrich-Magnus-Schwerd-Gymnasium .

The GaK building was completed in 1902 according to plans by the architects Ludwig von Stempel and Heinrich Ullmann and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2002. In 2015 the high school celebrated its 475th birthday. On this occasion, a new school logo was created and the website was modernized.

The school director with the title Oberstudiendirektor has been the classical philologist Hartmut Loos, who previously headed the Kurfürst-Ruprecht-Gymnasium in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse , since 2016 .

Since February 21, 2017, the grammar school at Kaiserdom has had the title " School without Racism - School with Courage ", which is mainly due to the commitment of the Tolerance Alliance.

In April 2018 she was appointed to one of the European schools in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.


foreign languages

At the GaK as an old-language grammar school, three foreign languages ​​are required: The pupils start with Latin in the 5th grade . English is added in the 6th grade . The third mandatory foreign language must be in 8th grade French or Greek are elected.

Working groups (AGs) & projects

  • Federal foreign language competition
  • French (for Greek students)
  • DELF
  • Italian
  • Symphony orchestra
  • School choir
  • Big Band
  • Pre-orchestra
  • School medical service
  • Theater AG
  • Fischbach organic
  • English club
  • IT laboratory
  • Mediation
  • Modellbau-AG
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (intercomprehension)
  • Theater subscription
  • Sustainability AG


The historical library of the grammar school at the Kaiserdom is today the largest closed collection of grown library material in Speyer. Your catalog (card catalog) is in the Palatinate State Library in Speyer.

Partner schools

  • St Edward's School in Poole , England
  • Collège Claparède in Geneva , Switzerland
  • Collège de Nkanka in Cyangugu , Rwanda





  • Peter Dauscher (computer science and physics), 2nd place 2010/11 as “Germany's most popular teacher” with an average grade of 1.3


  • Gymnasium am Kaiserdom (Ed.): Gymnasium am Kaiserdom - Ratsschule der Stadt Speyer. 1540-1990 . Festschrift for the 450th anniversary. Speyer 1990 (without ISBN).

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