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Jean Firges (born April 25, 1934 in Sankt Vith , Belgium; † June 13, 2014 ), also Johann Firges or Hannes Anderer ( pseudonym ), was a literary scholar and writer who grew up in Ostbelgien and later became a German (and writing in German) .


Jean Firges studied German , Romance and Italian studies at the Universities of Leuven , Heidelberg , Freiburg , Genoa and Cologne . In Cologne he received his doctorate in 1959 under Wilhelm Emrich on the poetry of Paul Celan . After completing his doctorate and the subsequent legal clerkship , he worked for five years as a teacher at a high school in Cologne, after which he became an assistant at the Rhineland University of Education in Aachen . In 1970 he took up the position of professor for French language and literature at the Ludwigsburg University of Education . Firges had been retired since 1999.

Jean Firges completed training in systemic therapy in 1997/98 . In 1997 he founded the literary and scientific Sonnenberg Verlag , which was initially based in Annweiler am Trifels and has since moved to Landshut .

Research focus Celan

From 1957 Firges dealt with Celan's work. At that time the first two volumes of the poet had just appeared, "Mohn und Gedächtnis" and "Von Schwelle zu Schwelle". That year Firges also met Celan personally on a visit to Paris. In 1959 he wrote his dissertation with Wilhelm Emrich , the first in Germany on Celan. He continued researching Celan's poems and secondary literature; since 1989 he has been publishing about him again. Most recently, in 2011, as part of a detailed biography of the poet, he published Black Sun Melancholy, a book about Celan's progressive mental illness. Firges examined Celan's schizoid melancholy on the one hand from the perspective of systemic therapy and on the other hand from the perspective of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis .


To Paul Celan

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About French-language literature

About German-language literature

Literary works as "Hannes Anderer"

as well as articles in the Zs. Krautgarten and in anthologies on the literature of East Belgium in the publishing house of the magazine.

Work on didactics of regional studies and language teaching

  • with Manfred Pelz (Ed.): Innovations in audiovisual language teaching. Frankfurt 1976
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  • The city of Paris . History of their development and urbanization. Kulturgeschichtliche Reihe Volume 3, Annweiler 1998, 2002 ISBN 3-933264-00-6

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  6. ↑ A novel with autobiographical features: first meeting with a previously unknown daughter from Italy after 50 years. Memories of life in Genoa back then
  7. Firges wrote about 30 articles on the didactics of regional studies and modern language teaching in specialist journals and published corresponding books or was co-author