John H. Bartlett

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John H. Bartlett

John Henry Bartlett (born March 15, 1869 in Sunapee , Sullivan County , New Hampshire , † March 19, 1952 in Portsmouth , New Hampshire) was an American politician and governor of the state of New Hampshire from 1919 to 1921 .

Early years and political advancement

John Bartlett attended Dartmouth College until 1894 . During a subsequent law degree, he also worked as a teacher. After his admission to the bar, he joined a law firm in Portsmouth. Politically, Bartlett became a member of the Republican Party . Between 1899 and 1907 he was the manager of the Post Office in Portsmouth. In 1905 and 1906 he was a member of the Advisory Board to Governor John McLane . John Bartlett was also involved in the preparations for the 1905 Portsmouth Peace Conference, which ended the Russo-Japanese War and ultimately won President Theodore Roosevelt the Nobel Peace Prize. In 1916, Bartlett was president of his party's regional convention for New Hampshire. Between 1917 and 1918 he was a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives .

Governor of New Hampshire and another résumé

In 1918, John Bartlett was elected as the new governor of his state. He began his two-year term on January 6, 1919. During these years the municipalities of the state were empowered to operate roads and subways on their own. A committee was also formed at that time to review the spending of each government agency. Governor Bartlett declined to run again in 1920.

After his governorship, he became President of the Civil Service Commission in July 1921, succeeding Martin A. Morrison . In 1922 he was employed in a management position ( Assistant Postmaster General ) at the US Department of Post . Between 1929 and 1939 he was chairman of the International Joint Commission for the American side , an American-Canadian commission to settle open questions between the two states. In the 1930s he became a supporter of President Franklin D. Roosevelt 's New Deal policy. For this reason he switched to the Democratic Party at that time . After serving on the American-Canadian committee, Bartlett retired. He died in March 1952 and was buried in Portsmouth. Governor John Bartlett was married twice and had one child.

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