State government Wenzl II

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The provincial government Wenzl II under governor Erwin Wenzl (ÖVP) formed the Upper Austrian provincial government in the XXI. Legislative period of the Upper Austrian parliament from the beginning of the legislative period on 16 November 1973 to withdraw Wenzls on 19 October 1977. The state government Wenzl II was followed by the state government Ratzenböck I after.

After the state elections in 1973 , the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) emerged as the party with the strongest vote and was able to provide five of the nine members of the government. The Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ) accounted for four government members . There were initially only a few changes compared to the previous government. Lelio Spannocchi (ÖVP) left the state council to take over the office of first president of the state parliament, followed by Josef Ratzenböck . During the term of office Josef Fridl (SPÖ) left the state government on December 5, 1974. He was followed on the same day by the previous Provincial Councilor Rupert Hartl as Deputy Governor. Josef Schützenberger became the new regional councilor .

Government members

Office Surname Political party Areas of responsibility
Governor Erwin Wenzl ÖVP
Deputy Governor Rupert Hartl SPÖ
Deputy Governor Gerhard Possart ÖVP
Provincial Council Johann Diwold ÖVP
Provincial Council Josef Ratzenböck ÖVP
Provincial Council Rudolf Trauner ÖVP
Provincial Council Ernst Neuhauser SPÖ
Provincial Council Hermann Reichl SPÖ Energy law, water law, transport, social affairs
Provincial Council Josef Schützenberger SPÖ
Members of the state government who left prematurely
Deputy Governor Josef Fridl SPÖ


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