Gersfeld District Court

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Middle lock; until 1866 seat of the Bavarian regional court

The Gersfeld Regional Court was an older Bavarian regional court that existed from 1816 to 1866 and was based in Gersfeld (Rhön) . In the Kingdom of Bavaria , the regional courts were judicial and administrative authorities, which were replaced in administrative matters by the district offices in 1862 and in legal matters by the local courts in 1879 .

The Gersfeld rule came to the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1816 . In the peace treaty between the King of Prussia and the King of Bavaria, which was concluded in Berlin on August 22, 1866, Bavaria ceded the districts of Gersfeld and Orb to Prussia, which shortly afterwards incorporated both into its new province of Hesse-Nassau . Gersfeld became the district town of the new Gersfeld district .

Individual evidence

  1. ^ Peace treaty between the King of Prussia and the King of Bavaria on August 22, 1866 in Berlin

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