Miltenberg district court

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The Miltenberg district court was an older Bavarian district court that existed from 1816 to 1879 and was based in Miltenberg in what is now the Miltenberg district in Lower Franconia . In the Kingdom of Bavaria , the regional courts were judicial and administrative authorities, which were replaced in administrative matters by the district offices in 1862 and in legal matters by the local courts in 1879 .


Miltenberg was originally owned by the Electors of Mainz . With the transition to the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1816, in the course of the administrative reorganization of Bavaria in Miltenberg, an older district court was established. This came in 1817 to the newly founded Untermainkreis , the forerunner of the later administrative district of Lower Franconia . On the occasion of the introduction of the Courts Constitution Act on October 1, 1879, the Miltenberg District Court was set up, the district of which was formed from the previous district court district.

Individual evidence

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