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The Hilders Regional Court was a royal Bavarian office in Hilders , a municipality in what is now the Fulda district ( Hesse ), which was first created in 1804 and existed with interruptions until 1866.


Hilders was the capital of an office that was connected to the fortress Auersberg of the Würzburg monastery . With the secularization of 1802, the Electorate or Kingdom of Bavaria established the Hilders Regional Court for the first time. From 1806 to 1813 the Hilders Regional Court belonged to the Grand Duchy of Würzburg and then came back to the Kingdom of Bavaria. In 1814, in the course of the administrative restructuring of Bavaria, the Hilders Regional Court was established. This came in 1817 to the newly founded Untermainkreis , the forerunner of the later administrative district of Lower Franconia .

In the Kingdom of Bavaria , the regional courts were judicial and administrative authorities, which were replaced in administrative matters by the district offices in 1862 and in legal matters by the local courts in 1879 .

The last remnants of the aristocracy were abolished in 1848, when the patrimonial Wüstensachsen and Schackau and the rule of court Tann the District Court were slammed (as early as 1834 rule Commissioner of the District Court Hilders).

In 1862 it says about the Hilders district court:

The population is fairly evenly distributed across the district. In addition to the town of Tann, which has around 213 houses, there are only three villages in the district that have over a hundred houses. The remaining parishes mostly consist of small villages of 20-60 houses and farms, most of which are under 10 houses strong.


On July 1, 1862, the district offices in Bavaria were established and the administration of justice and administration were separated. The institutions for the administration of justice retained the name of the district court and the administrative authorities were given the name of the district office . Thus the regional court was only responsible for legal tasks, while administrative tasks were transferred to the Gersfeld district office .

From 1866 onwards, after Prussia's victory in the German War, all the municipalities in the judicial district no longer belonged to the Kingdom of Bavaria. In the peace treaty between the King of Prussia and the King of Bavaria, which was concluded in Berlin on August 22, 1866, Bavaria ceded the districts of Gersfeld and Orb to Prussia. The Royal Bavarian Regional Court became a Royal Prussian District Court .

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