District Court of Kissingen

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Maxstrasse 27 , from 1863 the seat of the regional court

The District Court of Kissingen was a Bavarian district court of the older order that existed from 1803 to 1879 and was based in Bad Kissingen in today's Bad Kissingen district . In the Kingdom of Bavaria , the regional courts were judicial and administrative authorities, which were replaced in administrative matters by the district offices in 1862 and in legal matters by the local courts in 1879 .


After the Reichsdeputationshauptschluss the Bishopric of Würzburg canceled and Pfalz-Bayern were given that were Wurzburg offices canceled and on 8 November 1803, the District Court Kissingen instead formed. It originated from the following locations from the following offices:

From 1806 to 1814 it was a regional court in the Grand Duchy of Würzburg . The district court also existed in the course of the administrative restructuring of Bavaria . This came in 1817 to the newly founded Untermainkreis , the forerunner of the later administrative district of Lower Franconia .

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