Remlingen District Court

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The Regional Court of Remlingen was a Bavarian regional court of the older order , which existed for a short time from 1848 to 1849 and was based in Remlingen (Lower Franconia) . In the Kingdom of Bavaria , the regional courts were judicial and administrative authorities, which were replaced in administrative matters by the district offices in 1862 and in legal matters by the local courts in 1879 .


Remlingen was owned by the Counts of Wertheim during the Middle Ages ; since the late 16th and early 17th century, the place was divided between the Grafschaft Castell and the Hochstift Würzburg ; this division can still be seen today in the two manorial castles on the site. The ruling courts were divided in the Reichsdeputationshauptschluss 1803 as well as in the mediatization between Bavaria, Baden and the Grand Duchy of Würzburg , until in 1810 all of Remlingen became part of the Grand Duchy as the Count of Castellisches Untergericht Remlingen , with which it fell to the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1814 . The local rulership courtof Count v. Castell and Prince v. Löwenstein-Wertheim existed until the aristocratic jurisdiction in Bavaria was abolished in 1848. The Regional Court of Remlingen was formed as a royal court and police authority in the same year, but was dissolved in 1849. The communities of Remlingen, Urspringen and Billingshausen came to the Marktheidenfeld regional court (the latter two later to the Rothenfels regional court ), Oberaltertheim , Unteraltertheim and Steinheim to the Würzburg regional court (left of the Main) .

Individual evidence

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