List of nature reserves in the district of Altenkirchen (Westerwald)

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In the district of Altenkirchen (Westerwald) , Rhineland-Palatinate there are 15 nature reserves. The district is partly located in the Rhine-Westerwald Nature Park , and there are also 8 protected landscape areas .

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Gray heron colony Commons-logo.svg In the gray heron colony.jpg 7132-003
WDPA:  163308
Altenkirchen district (Westerwald) Blickhauserhöhe , Hövels , Wallmenroth , Scheuerfeld
Two parts: Victory loop near Wallmenroth as a habitat for water birds, e.g. B. Gray Heron and Kingfisher ; Siegaue near Ober- and Niedergüdeln as a gray heron feeding biotope
133.5 2001
Moor meadow near Vosswinkel Commons-logo.svg BW 7132-004
WDPA:  164680
Altenkirchen district (Westerwald) Blickhauserhöhe
moor meadows and oak-hornbeam forest
5.3 1986
Mahlscheid Commons-logo.svg Nsg malscheid.JPG 7132-008
WDPA:  164545
Altenkirchen district (Westerwald) Herdorf
former basalt quarry with steep walls and terraces, block and spoil heaps, ruderal fields and bodies of water
17.3 1992
In space Commons-logo.svg NSG Im Geraum.jpg 7132-013
WDPA:  163865
Altenkirchen district (Westerwald) Kausen
wet meadows
8.2 1988
Rosenheimer Lay Commons-logo.svg Rosenheimer Lay 1.jpg 7132-017
WDPA:  165219
Altenkirchen district (Westerwald) Rosenheim (Altenkirchen district) , Elkenroth
abandoned quarry with water and shallow water zones and steep areas
48.8 1985
In the Rommerswiese Commons-logo.svg Rommerswiese 001.JPG 7132-020
WDPA:  163911
Altenkirchen district (Westerwald) Widderstein , Niederingelbach
Wiedaue with their wet meadows
10 1988
Hasselichskopf quarry Commons-logo.svg NSG quarry Hasselichskopf.jpg 7132-021
WDPA:  165693
Altenkirchen district (Westerwald) Elkenroth
former quarry "Hasselichskopf" with water and shallow water zones and with steep areas
30.07 1996
Willow break Commons-logo.svg Weidenbruch.jpg 7132-023
WDPA:  166200
Altenkirchen district (Westerwald) Elkenroth
27 1984
Moor and heather area near Kircheib Commons-logo.svg BW 7132-026
WDPA:  82178
County Altenkirchen (Westerwald) , the district of Neuwied Kircheib , Griesebach
wet heaths Between Moor and dry meadows , Birkenbruch- and mixed oak forest
21st 1982
In the soap forest Commons-logo.svg BW 7132-030
WDPA:  163883
Altenkirchen district (Westerwald) Molzhain , Kausen
wet meadows
7.18 1986
Gallows head Commons-logo.svg NSG Galgenkopf.jpg 7132-031
WDPA:  163192
Altenkirchen district (Westerwald) Weitefeld , Friedewald
abandoned adhesive sand pit with water and shallow water zones and steep areas
30th 1984
Bigge spring area Commons-logo.svg Bigge Spring Area 6.jpg 7132-035
WDPA:  318196
Altenkirchen district (Westerwald) Friesenhagen
source area of ​​the upper Bigge with heavily marshy floodplain, shallow water areas and siltation zones, swamp forests and acidic dry sites
67.54 2000
Emmerzhausen Commons-logo.svg BW 7132-040
WDPA:  81604
Altenkirchen district (Westerwald) Emmerzhausen
meadows and maple-ash forest
40 1983
Shimmering Commons-logo.svg NSG Schimmerich.jpg 7132-049
WDPA:  82521
Altenkirchen district (Westerwald) Friedewald , Derschen
wetland with water surfaces and shallow water zones
30th 1980
Lindians soaps Commons-logo.svg BW 7132-050
WDPA:  164467
Altenkirchen district (Westerwald) Dickendorf , Elkenroth
Alder swamp forest and basalt rubble heaps
60 1986

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