List of sauces

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This list includes variants of sauces made by cooking .


Basic sauces

Brown basic sauces

  • Brown base sauce
  • Demiglace , made from Spanish sauce and veal stock, boiled down and supplemented with meat extract
  • Spanish sauce , Espagnole sauce, made from veal bones, onions, root vegetables, flour and tomato paste, all seared, boiled in meat broth and strained

White basic sauces

White sauces (modern style)

Other basic sauces or independent sauces

  • Dutch sauce , sauce hollandaise, is an emulsion made from clarified butter and egg yolk that is whipped warm in a water bath .
  • Mayonnaise , sauce mayonnaise, is a cold mixed emulsion made from oil, egg yolk and lemon juice or vinegar.
  • Tomato sauce , sauce tomato, consists of tomatoes stewed together with various other ingredients (herbs, spices, vegetables such as onions and carrots), which are cooked in meat stock or fish stock and then passed through a sieve.
  • Game sauce, sauce gibier, made from game bones, roasted vegetables, dark roux and tomato paste, all seared, boiled in game stock and strained.
  • pepper sauce
  • Warm English sauces

Cold sauces

Mayonnaise derivatives

Other cold sauces

Salad dressings (dressings)

Dessert sauces

Compound sauces / warm sauces

Composite sauces are based on the basic sauces: brown composite sauces on the brown basic sauces, white sauces analogously on the white basic sauces.

Brown sauces

White sauces

Whipped hot sauces

Butter mixes


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