Luigi Gui

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Luigi Gui

Luigi Gui (born September 26, 1914 in Padua , † April 26, 2010 ibid) was an Italian politician .


Gui graduated from the Collegio Augustinianum with a scholarship and then studied at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan , where he also joined the Catholic student movement Federazione Universitaria Cattolica Italiana (FUCI).

During the Second World War he did his military service with the mountain troops ( Alpini ) on the Eastern Front . After his return to Italy he was a member of the resistance movement in Veneto .

After the Second World War he began his political career as a member of the Democrazia Cristiana (DC) with the election to the constituent assembly ( Assemblea Costituente ) and then the Chamber of Deputies ( Camera dei deputati ).

On February 21, 1962 he was appointed to a government for the first time by Prime Minister Amintore Fanfani as Minister for Public Education (Ministro della Pubblica Istruzione). He also held the office of Minister of Education in the subsequent governments of Giovanni Leone and Aldo Moro until June 24, 1968. During this time, he advocated reform of the secondary school in particular .

Prime Minister Leone then appointed him Minister of Defense (Ministro della Difesa) . As such, he also belonged to the subsequent cabinet of Mariano Rumor until March 23, 1970. Because of this activity was later determined against him in the context of the Lockheed scandal . However, in contrast to his successor Mario Tanassi, he was acquitted by the Italian Constitutional Court .

On July 7, 1973, Prime Minister Rumor appointed him to the government as Minister of Health (Ministro della Sanità) and headed the department until the end of Rumor's term of office on March 14, 1974.

On November 23, 1974, Prime Minister Moro finally appointed him Minister of the Interior (Ministro dell'Interno) in his fourth government, which was in office until February 12, 1976. Later he was still a member of the Senate ( Senato della Repubblica ).

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