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Urban-type settlement
Federal district far East
Oblast Magadan
Rajon Jagodnoye
Founded 1930s
Urban-type settlement since 1953
population 1531 inhabitants
(as of Oct. 14, 2010)
Height of the center 450  m
Time zone UTC + 11
Telephone code (+7) 41343
Post Code 686210
License Plate 49
OKATO 44 222 563
Geographical location
Coordinates 62 ° 16 ′  N , 151 ° 40 ′  E Coordinates: 62 ° 15 ′ 45 "  N , 151 ° 40 ′ 15"  E
Orotukan (Russia)
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Situation in Russia
Orotukan (Magadan Oblast)
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Location in Magadan Oblast

Orotukan ( Russian Оротука́н ) is an urban-type settlement in the Magadan Oblast ( Russia ) with 1531 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010).


The settlement is located in the northern part of the Kolyma Mountains about 300 kilometers as the crow flies north of the oblast capital Magadan on the right bank of the Kolyma tributary of the same name , 50 kilometers above the mouth.

The place belongs to the Jagodnoye Rajon and is located a good 100 kilometers southeast of its administrative center Jagodnoye .


The history of the place begins in early 1931 when geologists explored the valley of the Kolyma tributary for gold deposits and set up camp on the river. A little later, the preparatory work for the construction of the "Kolyma route" through the area began.

The place was built in its current location in the mid-1930s; it got its name after the river, whose name arose from the Yakut “ortokon” for a “small burned meadow or forest area”. From 1935 the center of the southern section of the Gulag regional administration Dalstroi was in the place .

In the 1940s a factory for repairing and later manufacturing mining equipment was established. In 1953 the place was given urban-type settlement status.

As a result of the economic crisis that went hand in hand with the collapse of the Soviet Union , most mining and other companies were closed or significantly reduced their production in the 1990s, so that more than half of the residents have since left the place.

Population development

year Residents
1959 4663
1970 4934
1979 5546
1989 5638
2002 2760
2010 1531

Note:: census data

Culture and sights

There is a library and a cinema in Orotukan.

Economy and Infrastructure

During the Soviet period, Orotukan was one of the centers of gold exploration and mining in the Kolyma region. A mining equipment factory was located here.

The settlement is located on the Kolyma route, which has been upgraded to the M56 trunk road , which leads from Magadan to the northwestern part of the oblast via Sussuman to the neighboring Republic of Yakutia (Sacha) (to Jakutsk , conditionally passable, as well as a branch to Ust-Nera ). The distance to Magadan by road is about 400 kilometers, to Yakutsk almost 1500 kilometers.


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