Risk (Megadeth album)

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Studio album by Megadeth


August 31, 1999


January 4 - April 22, 1999

Label (s) Capitol Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Heavy metal

Title (number)

12 (15 republication)

running time




Then Huff , Dave Mustaine

Studio (s)

Cryptic Writings
Risk The World Needs a Hero

Risk (for English: " risk ") is the eighth studio album of American metal band Megadeth . It was released on Capitol Records in August 1999 . The music on Risk can be described as Heavy Metal with some influences from Hard Rock , such as the quiet Breadline , Thrash - such as Prince of Darkness  - and Industrial Rock , such as Crush 'Em .


Before the recordings of Risk , band leader Dave Mustaine separated from drummer Nick Menza at the end of 1998, with whom, according to Menza, the relationship had not been intact for a long time. Mustaine also mentioned Menza's knee surgery, which had an impact on his drumming. First Jimmy DeGrasso (formerly Suicidal Tendencies and Alice Cooper ) was hired for the tour that was going on at the time, who was then brought into the band when Menza was "not really moving forward". DeGrasso, who Mustaine knew from his MD.45 project, also played Risk . Risk was re-recorded with ex- giant guitarist Dann Huff in Nashville , Tennessee . Mixing was also carried out there from April to May 1999.

When it comes to songwriting , Mustaine was influenced by the “Modern Metal” wave around bands like Fear Factory , Korn , Sevendust , but also by Ministry , Tool and Nine Inch Nails . Still, there were more traditional influences like Time: The End , which is inspired by Mercyful Fate . The first single Crush 'Em was written by wrestling fan Mustaine explicitly for stadium and sports events, where it was and is often used. The accompanying video was shot with actor Jean-Claude Van Damme and wrestler Bill Goldberg . It was also featured on the soundtrack of Van Dam's film Universal Soldier: The Return . Other singles were Breadline and Insomnia . The title of the record alludes to a statement by Lars Ulrich from Metallica that Megadeth should take more risks musically. The band then played at the Woodstock Festival in 1999 and then in Europe as the opening act for Iron Maiden . At the end of the year guitarist Marty Friedman got out, he was replaced by Al Pitrelli from Savatage . In the summer of 2000 the band toured with Anthrax and Mötley Crüe .

Track list

  1. Insomnia - 4:43
  2. Prince of Darkness - 6:26
  3. Enter the Arena - 0:52
  4. Crush 'Em - 4:57
  5. Breadline - 4:23
  6. The Doctor Is Calling - 5:40
  7. I'll Be There - 4:19
  8. Wanderlust - 5:21
  9. Ecstasy - 4:28
  10. Seven - 5:00
  11. Time: The Beginning - 3:04
  12. Time: The End - 2:26
  13. Insomnia (Jeff Balding Mix) *
  14. Breadline (Jack Joseph Puig Mix) *
  15. Crush 'Em (Jock Mix) *

The tracks marked with * are bonus tracks from the 2004 re-release. The Japan version included the instrumental Duke Nukem Theme .


Criticized by some fans, Risk also met with varying echoes in the press. Steve Huey of allmusic .com did not see the album too far from the two predecessors removed and therefore described the board as misnamed. Some songs are "better than others" and they are enough to carry the album if you like the style. He awarded two and a half stars out of five. In Rock Hard Boris Kaiser wrote: "If one risk can pearls only a few times through the ear canals, quite a few magical moments crystallize out." Emperor awarded eight out of ten.

Chart placements

Charts Top ranking Weeks
Chart placements
Germany (GfK) Germany (GfK) 38 (3 weeks) 3
Austria (Ö3) Austria (Ö3) 34 (4 weeks) 4th
United Kingdom (OCC) United Kingdom (OCC) 29 (2 weeks) 2
United States (Billboard) United States (Billboard) 16 (8 weeks) 8th

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