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Seid Waddell (born May 2, 1849 in Somerville , Fayette County , Tennessee , †  1921 ) was an American politician . Between 1899 and 1901, he was the de facto lieutenant governor of the state of Tennessee as President of the State Senate , even though this office was not formally introduced until 1951.


After studying law at Lebanon University and being admitted to the bar in 1874, Seid Waddell began working in this profession in Union City . In 1879 he was one of the founders of the Bank of Union City , of which he had been president since 1884. He also ran a farm where he raised cattle. Politically, he was a member of the Democratic Party . He was elected Mayor of Union City in 1885 and 1886. He was a member of the Tennessee Senate for two consecutive terms, serving as its president from 1899 to 1901.

In this capacity he was also Deputy Governor Benton McMillin . He thus actually held the office of lieutenant governor. This office was or is constitutionally anchored in most other states; in Tennessee this has only been the case since 1951. After his time in the Senate, Waddell did not appear politically. As a lawyer he represented the West Tennessee Land Company in the Reelfoot Night Riders trial. Seid Waddell had been married to Eva Waddell since 1877, with whom he had three children. He died in 1921.

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