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The President (Hebrew נְשִׂיא מְדִינַת יִשְׂרָאֵל Nesi Medinat Yisraʾel 'President of the State of Israel',נְשִׂיא הַמְּדִינָה Nesi haMedina 'President of the State' or justנָשִׂיא Nasi 'President') is the head of state in Israel . Its official seat is in Jerusalem .

Election and term of office

The president is elected by the Knesset in secret ballot. The candidate needs an absolute majority of the votes, if this is not achieved in the first ballot, the election is repeated up to two times. If there is still no candidate with a majority of the votes, the candidate with the lowest result will be eliminated from the election in the fourth ballot.

Since a constitutional amendment, the term of office of the President is 7 years. Re-election is no longer possible.

Until a change in the law in 1998, the term of office of the state president was 5 years, for which he could be re-elected as often as desired.

The legal framework is regulated in the Basic Law on the President of the State of 1964.


The Israeli President primarily has representative tasks and hardly any operational powers. Its tasks consist in

  • the opening of the first session of the Knesset of a legislative term .
  • the appointment of a member of the Knesset as prime minister and the associated mandate to form a government.
  • the signing of all laws passed by the Knesset, except those relating to the office of President.
  • the certification of foreign diplomats .
  • the signing of all treaties that are concluded with other states.
  • the appointment of judges, the head of the Central Bank of Israel and various other public officials.
  • awarding certificates to higher education institutions.
  • exercising the right to pardon .
  • the official representation of the State of Israel under international law.

The President of the Republic enjoys immunity during and after his term of office and is not obliged to report to anyone for his official acts.

The term of office of the President of the Republic ends at the end of the period for which he was elected, if he resigns from his office, through death or if three quarters of the Knesset judge the President to be incapable of office. B. explain because of misconduct.


No. Surname From To Establishing party Previous occupation picture
1 Chaim Weizmann May 17, 1948 November 9, 1952 General Zionists Zionist politician , chemist Weizmann 1948.jpg
2 Yitzchak Ben Zwi December 8, 1952 April 23, 1963 Mapai Zionist politician , historian Yitzhak Ben-Zvi.jpg
3 Salman Shazar May 21, 1963 May 24, 1973 Mapai Writer, poet, politician Zalman Shazar.jpg
4th Ephraim Katzir May 24, 1973 April 19, 1978 Avoda Biophysicist EKatzir771.jpg
5 Yitzchak Nawon April 19, 1978 May 5th 1983 Avoda Educator, writer Yitzhak Navon 1.jpg
6th Chaim Duke May 5th 1983 May 13, 1993 Avoda Lawyer, general, diplomat Chaim Herzog.png
7th Ezer Weizmann May 13, 1993 July 13, 2000 Avoda Air Force General, politician Ezer Weizman 1978-2.jpg
8th Moshe Katzav August 1, 2000 July 1, 2007 Likud Politician Moshe Katsav 2, by Amir Gilad.JPG
9 Shimon Peres July 15, 2007 July 24, 2014 Kadima Politician Shimon Peres in Brazil.jpg
10 Reuven Rivlin July 24, 2014 July 9, 2021 Likud Politician, lawyer Reuven Rivlin as the president of Israel.jpg
11 Yitzchak Duke July 9, 2021 officiating Avoda Politician, lawyer Isaac Herzog.jpg

Color legend for the table: red = socialist parties, blue = conservative parties, yellow = liberal parties

Executive Presidents

The President of the Republic is represented in an executive role by the Speaker of the Parliament of the Knesset. So far these have been:

Yosef Sprinzak November 10, 1952-7. December 1952 From the death of Chaim Weizman to the inauguration of Yitzhak Ben-Zvi.
Kadish Luz April 24, 1963-20. May 1963 From the death of Yitzhak Ben-Zvi to the inauguration of Zalman Shazar.
Avraham Castle July 14, 2000-31. July 2000 From the resignation of Ezer Weizman to the inauguration of Moshe Katzav.
Dalia Itzik July 2, 2007–13. July 2007 From the resignation of Moshe Katzav to the inauguration of Shimon Peres.

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