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The State Council of the People's Republic of China ( Chinese  中華人民共和國 國務院  /  中华人民共和国 国务院 , Pinyin Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó Guówùyuàn ), also known as the Central People's Government ( 中央 人民政府 ), is the executive authority of the National People's Congress and the highest administrative body. Under constitutional law , the State Council consists of the Prime Minister , several Vice Prime Ministers , several State Commissioners, the specialist ministers, the chairmen of the specialist commissions, the President of the Chamber of Accounts and the Secretary General.


The State Council can be divided into an “inner” and an “outer cabinet”. The internal cabinet consists of the Prime Minister and five State Council Commissioners, including the head of the State Council Chancellery. The external cabinet consists of the heads of the 28 organs of the State Council at ministerial level, including the Ministry of Commerce, Transport, Public Safety and Health.

Composition of the State Council since March 2018
Department / Office Official
Prime Minister Li Keqiang
Vice Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China Han Zheng
Liu He
Sun Chunlan
Hu Chunhua
State Commissariat Wei Fenghe
Wang Yi
Zhao Kezhi
Xiao Jie
Wang Yong
Secretary General Xiao Jie
Foreign service Wang Yi
defense Wei Fenghe
Development and reform Hey Lifeng
education Chen Baosheng
Science and technology Wang Zhigang
Industry and IT Miao Wei
Ethnic affairs Trifling
public safety Zhao Kezhi
State security Chen Wenqing
Civil affairs Li Jiheng
Judiciary Fu Zhenghua
Financial Liu Kun
Human resources and social security Zhang Jinan
Natural resources Lu Hao
Ecology and environment Li Ganjie
Construction and urban-rural development Wang Menghui
traffic Li Xiaopeng
Water management E Jinping
Agriculture Han Changfu
trade Zhong Shan
Culture Luo Shugang
health Ma Xiaowei
Veterans affairs Sun Shaocheng
Crisis management Wang Yupu
Chinese People's Bank Yi gang
Chamber of Accounts Hu Zejun

The State Council directs the work of the local organs of state administration at all levels uniformly and determines the division of functions and powers between the central government and the organs of state administration of the provinces, the autonomous regions and the cities directly under the government.

The candidates for high-ranking government offices of the State Council are nominated non-publicly by the leadership of the Communist Party , whereupon the National People's Congress formally approves the appointment.

In addition to the State Council's press office, the Foreign Language Office , which is responsible for informing the global public, reports to it.

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