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Stefan Kaufmann (born December 30, 1953 in Frankfurt am Main ) is a German lawyer and judge . He is currently President of the Thuringian Constitutional Court .


Kaufmann studied law at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main . After his state exams, he worked in local government in Hesse before he was appointed judge in 1987. In 1989 he was appointed judge at the Frankfurt am Main regional court . In the course of reunification, he came to Erfurt in 1992 . There, the establishment of the state justice examination office was one of his tasks, in 1993 he became a judge at the Thuringian higher regional court in Jena .

Kaufmann was appointed President of the Thuringian Judicial Examination Office in 2000 and head of the Central Department in the Thuringian Ministry of Justice in 2004 , before he returned to Jena and took up the position of President of the Thuringian Higher Regional Court on October 14, 2006. Kaufmann was the initiator of the association founded in 2007 for the restoration of the historical library of the Thuringian Higher Regional Court, whose holdings go back to the time of the court court and thus to the 16th century. On January 30, 2017 Kaufmann was from the Law Faculty of the University of Jena , the honorary doctorate awarded.

Kaufmann was elected President of the Thuringian Constitutional Court on June 21, 2018 with 72 of 88 votes cast and then sworn in after the parliamentary groups in the Thuringian State Parliament were initially unable to agree on a common candidate for months. Due to the persistent vacancy , the court threatened to be incapable of acting. Finally, the parliamentary group Die Linke decided to support the businessman proposed by the CDU . The election proposal was also supported by Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen and the SPD .

In February 2020 a merchant from was FDP chairpersons Christian Lindner suggested as a possible transitional Prime Minister of Thuringia, after previously the FDP Thuringia with the preparation of Thomas Kemmerich (FDP) as prime minister candidate whose election using the AFD later carried out and its few days of withdrawal a Had triggered government crisis. Kaufmann then stated that it was "out of the question" and that it was "unprofessional" to give a name without asking the person.

Kaufmann was at times a member of the CDU.

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