The Blitz (album)

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The Blitz
Studio album by Krokus


22nd August 1984

Label (s) Arista

Format (s)

CD , LP , MC

Genre (s)

Hard rock

Title (number)


running time

38 min 34 s


Bruce Fairbairn

Studio (s)

Little Mountain Sound Studios, Vancouver ( Canada )

The Blitz Change of Address
Single releases
1984 Midnite maniac
1984 Ballroom lightning
1984 Our Love (Promo)

The Blitz is the eighth studio album by the Swiss hard rock band Krokus . It contains the singles "Ballroom Blitz", "Midnite Maniac" and "Our Love".


After the departure of drummer Steve Pace and the even greater loss of songwriter and Krokus founding member Chris von Rohr , the band had to act quickly if they wanted to meet the successes and expectations achieved by their predecessor, headhunter . Since Patrick Mason, who had signed up for the rhythm guitar during the previous tour, also left before the recordings and only the drummer Jeff Klaven joined as a full member, The Blitz was next to the debut album Krokus the only album that was only recorded by four full members. Fernando von Arb was responsible for both lead and rhythm guitar while recording at Little Mountain Sound Studios in Vancouver , and Mark Kohler took care of bass, as on the last tour. Of course, the constant line-up changes weren't a good prerequisite for topping the most successful album Headhunter to date, but The Blitz , supported by the singles and music videos for “Our Love”, “Midnite Maniac” and the The Sweet cover “Ballroom” Blitz ”, again raking in numerous successes. It reached number 83 in the Canadian album charts, number 55 in Germany, number 31 on the American Billboard 200 and number 27 in Sweden. The album also made for a premiere: It was Krokus' first success in the album charts in her home country, and at number 6 it was also an extremely impressive one. It also achieved gold status again in Switzerland, the USA and Canada. For the following The Blitz Tour, which co-headlined the band with Sammy Hagar through North and South America and Europe, the American Andy Tanas was hired on bass. A highlight of this tour was the appearance as headliner at the Chilean Viña del Mar played held Viña del Mar International Song Festival, when the band in front of 80,000 spectators. After that they were again in the USA as a co-headliner of Accept and with Rough Cutt in the opening act. However, the line-up did not last this tour either: shortly before the end of the US tour, Andy Tanas was replaced by the Swiss bassist Tommy Keizer. The constant line-up changes did not want to end, and so began the creeping decline of Krokus , despite the success of The Blitz .

Track list

  1. Midnite Maniac (3:59) ( Marc Storace / Fernando von Arb)
  2. Out of Control (4:15) (Storace / von Arb)
  3. Boys Nite Out (3:38) (Storace / von Arb / Bryan Adams / Jim Vallance )
  4. Our Love (4:35) (Storace / by Arb)
  5. Out to Lunch (4:20) (Storace / von Arb)
  6. Ballroom Blitz (4:00) ( Michael Chapman / Nicky Chinn )
  7. Rock the Nation (4:41) (Storace / von Arb)
  8. Hot Stuff (4:36) (Storace / by Arb)
  9. Ready to Rock (4:30) (Storace / by Arb)

Cover version

  • "Ballroom Blitz" is a The Sweet cover version. The song was originally released in 1973 on the single "Ballroom Blitz" of the same name.

useful information

  • The cover version "Ballroom Blitz" was used for the 2007 console game Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80s .


Singing : Marc Storace
Lead guitar , rhythm guitar : Fernando von Arb
Bass : Mark Kohler
Drums : Jeff Klaven
Keyboard : Doug Johnson

Guest musician

Backing vocals : Jimi Jamison

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