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Andreas Kley (* 1959 in St. Gallen ) is Swiss national , constitutional and media lawyer , since 2005 Professor at the Department of Public Law , Constitutional History and State and Legal Philosophy of the University of Zurich (UZH) and since 1998 member of the Scientific Council of the Liechtenstein Institute .

His main areas of activity are constitutional law, constitutional history and media law. His work and research focus are political rights in the federal government and cantons, Liechtenstein constitutional and administrative law, media law, state church law , Swiss constitutional history of the modern era, history of political ideas and political philosophy .


After the “usual schools” (according to Andreas Kley) and high school diploma (1979), a language stay at the University of Lyon II (1980) followed. 1980–1984 he studied political science and international relations at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) (lic. Rer. Publ.). 1984–1987 he was assistant at the Swiss Institute for Administrative Courses (today IRP-HSG), 1988–1989 extraordinary clerk at the District Court of St. Gallen. In 1989 he received his doctorate as Dr. rer. publ. at the HSG with a dissertation on the basic duties of private individuals in Swiss constitutional law . In 1990 he filed his patent registration as a lawyer. 1990–1997 he worked as a freelance lawyer. He has been teaching at the HSG since 1991 and gives lectures in further education institutions throughout Switzerland. In 1992 he completed a research stay at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg . 1992–1995 he worked on his habilitation thesis The judicial legal protection against public administration (Habilitation 1995).


In 1995 he was admitted to the position of private lecturer in public law at the HSG. 1997–2005 he was professor of constitutional law at the Institute for Public Law at the University of Bern . Since 2005 he has been professor of public law, constitutional history, and the philosophy of state and law at the law faculties of the UZH. In 2019 he received an honorary doctorate (Dr. iur. H. C.) From the Law School at the HSG.


Andreas Kley is the author of numerous books and monographs, essays (on constitutional and administrative law, international and European human rights protection, constitutional history and historical studies, the history of political ideas, legal theory, methodology, legal and state philosophy, media and telecommunications law, and political rights, for civil, religious, church and state church law) of lexicon articles ( HLS ), newspaper articles ( NZZ , MUC , BZ , Weltwoche , raised ground , plea , VSH bulletin , Swiss month , N'Jus FS , influence , care law ) as well as discussions of court judgments and reviews. He is also editor of the Commentationes Historiae Iuris Helveticae with Felix Hafner , Victor Monnier and Stefan G. Schmid and of the democracy newsletter of his chair at UZH.

Selection: the first

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  • with Ivo Hangartner: The Democratic Rights in the Confederation and Cantons of the Swiss Confederation. 2000.

Selection: the most common in WorldCat (as of 2019)

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To Zaccaria Giacometti

  • From Stampa to Zurich. The constitutional lawyer Zaccaria Giacometti, his life and work and his family of artists from Bergell. Schulthess, Zurich 2014 ( table of contents on
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  • Zaccaria Giacometti - Theory of Constitutional Law as Art? In: Schweizerische Juristen-Zeitung . Vol. 107 (2011), pp. 429-439.

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