Bride Wars - Best Enemies

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German title Bride Wars - Best Enemies
Original title Bride Wars
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2009
length 90 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director Gary Winick
script Greg DePaul,
June Diane Raphael ,
Casey Wilson
production Kate Hudson ,
Alan Riche ,
Peter Riche ,
Julie Yorn
music Ed Shearmur
camera Frederick Elmes
cut Susan Littenberg

Bride Wars - Best enemies is a film made in 2009 , in which Gary Winick directed and Greg DePaul, June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson wrote the script. The main roles were played by Kate Hudson , Anne Hathaway , Candice Bergen , Bryan Greenberg , Chris Pratt and Kristen Johnston . The German theatrical release was on February 5, 2009.


Emma and Liv are best friends who have planned every detail of their wedding since childhood. When they are about to get married, they both learn that due to an error, their weddings take place on the same day. For the first time an argument develops because the otherwise indulgent Emma wants to have this day to herself and Liv gets angry about the unfamiliar resistance. The previous best friends both insist on this wedding date and at the same time are very angry that the other is not ready to give up the day for you. The future husbands Daniel and Fletcher stay out of this argument because they neither care about the day nor do they believe that Emma and Liv will remain at odds over the long term. Since both weddings are planned by the same manager, the women go through a similar program; At the same time they have to choose someone else as best man (initially the other was planned), decide on cakes at the same time and both go to the manicure. A competition breaks out because both Emma and Liv want to experience a perfect wedding and not lag behind the other. Emma has problems with this because she is far from doing as well financially as Liv. Little by little the argument gets more and more out of hand and both begin to sabotage the other's wedding. When Emma finally comes out of the tanning studio with orange skin and Liv with blue hair from the hairdresser, they both realize that they have gone too far. The husbands are not so open; only Daniel has full confidence in Liv, while Fletcher reacts increasingly annoyed. Before the wedding, Liv and Emma are both very unhappy and visibly regret their actions.

On the wedding day, Liv tries to swap back a DVD that was shown at the wedding reception and that she previously exchanged with bad intent. However, the exchange does not succeed. The "evil" DVD shows Emma drunk on spring break , which leads to a scandal, especially with the groom. Emma gets angry and storms Liv's wedding. She and Liv talk to each other and make up. Meanwhile, Emma has realized that she and Fletcher are not a match, as they have changed over the years. In a short conversation, they split up and Fletcher leaves. Liv's wedding starts all over again, this time with Emma as maid of honor.

After Liv's marriage, Emma dances with Nate, Liv's brother. Before that, she'd helped him choose a tuxedo for the wedding, and it crackled between them.

A year later Emma is married to Nate and she and Liv realize they are pregnant and their appointment is on the same day, which they are both excited about.


June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson wrote the script, based on a script by Greg DePaul, before the writers' strike in the United States. Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith were also involved in the script.

Some major recordings were made at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts . Most of the footage was shot in New York City , Boston and Salem.


The score for Bride Wars was written by Ed Shearmur , who recorded it with a 77-piece orchestra from the Hollywood Studio Symphony .


actor role speaker
Anne Hathaway Emma Marie Bierstedt
Kate Hudson Liv Bianca Krahl
Chris Pratt Fletcher Sascha Rotermund
Candice Mountains Marion St Clair Dagmar Dempe
Kristen Johnston Deb Franziska Pigulla
Steve Howey Daniel Robin Kahnmeyer
Michael Arden Kevin Alexander Doering
Bryan Greenberg Nate Gerrit Schmidt-Foss
Lauren Bittner Amie Dascha Lehmann
June Raphael Amanda Giuliana Jakobeit
Hettienne Park Marissa Victoria Storm
John Pankow John Allan Dieter Memel
Andre Holland DJ Jazzles Julien Haggége
Kelly Coffield Park Kathy Liane Rudolph
Casey Wilson Stacy Isabelle Schmidt
Daniel Raymont Colorist Frank Schaff
Bruce Altman Simmons Peter Reinhardt
Victor Slezak Colson Frank Muth
Paul Scheer Ricky Coo Gerald Schaale
Zoe O'Grady Young Liv Paulina Ociepka
Shannon Ferber Young Emma Emely Hasper
Jonathan C. Daly I. Headset Frank-Otto Schenk
Sarah Kate Jackson Sales girl Natascha Geisler
Robert Capron Robert Sebastian Fitzner


Christina Krisch writes in the Kronen-Zeitung on February 5, 2009 that in Bride Wars “two of the cutest Hollywood young stars prove their comedic talent”. The film has "something of the nostalgic charm of slapstick screwball comedies".

“In addition to the beastly devilries, it [the film] relies entirely on the chemistry between the two adorable leading actresses who gleefully toss the revenge-soaked balls to each other. With all that fury magic, as a man you can only do what you should also do when planning your wedding: sit back and be amazed. Conclusion: Turbulent showdown in front of the altar, whose shallow story is covered by Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway with charm and esprit. "

“Comedy uses its satirical potential only to a limited extent to shed light on anachronisms and tensions in current gender roles. Instead, the film wastes its powder in the 'cat war', whose misogyne clichés make it almost impossible to take part in the main characters and their conflict. "

"Director Winnick [...] tickles the best of punchlines out of the rather thin story."

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