Coupe de France féminine 2016/17

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The competition for the Coupe de France féminine in the 2016/17 season was the 16th edition of the French soccer cup for women's teams . Participation is only compulsory for women in the first and second leagues. A new record was set this season with 626 registrations.

Defending champions Olympique Lyon , who had already won the previous five years in a series this competition, met in the semifinals first division FCF Hénin-Beaumont , whose women as only the second from the third division - were the first 2003/04 footballers of Racing Besançon  - up advanced to the round of the last four teams. In the final, OL faced Paris Saint-Germain and once again secured the French Cup.

The competition is held according to the classic cup mode; This means in particular that the respective fixtures will be drawn without seeding lists or a performance-based or from the round of 16 without regional pre-sorting of the clubs from all clubs still in competition and only one game will be played, at the end of which a winner had to be determined (and be it through a penalty shoot-out - extension in the event of a tie after 90 minutes is not provided), which then qualifies for the next round, while the loser is eliminated. Home rights are also determined by lot for each match - with the exception of the final, which takes place in a neutral place at different locations every year - but with the restriction that clubs that have to compete against an eleven that are at least two league levels higher automatically have home rights to get.

After completion of the qualification rounds organized by the regional subdivisions of the regional association FFF , the twelve top division clubs also intervene in the thirty-second finals, the so-called second national round (Deuxième tour fédéral) .

Thirty-second finals

Games on 7./8. January 2017. The clubs of the two highest leagues are marked with D1 and D2.
i. E. = on penalties

(a) Bischheim then protested, albeit unsuccessfully, about the eligibility of a Saint-Viterin summoned to play.

Round of 16

Games on 27. – 29. January, catch-up games on February 1st and 5th, 2017.

Round of 16

Games on February 19, 2017

Quarter finals

Games on March 12, 2017


Games on April 16, 2017


Game on May 19, 2017 at the Stade de la Rabine in Vannes


Lyon: Méline Gérard - Griedge Mbock Bathy , Wendie Renard Team captain , Kadeisha Buchanan - Élodie Thomis , Saki Kumagai , Dzsenifer Marozsán , Camille Abily , Amel Majri - Ada Hegerberg , Eugénie Le Sommer
Trainer: Gérard Prêcheur

Paris: Katarzyna Kiedrzynek - Sabrina Delannoy Team captain , Laura Georges , Irene Paredes - Eve Périsset , Onema Grace Geyoro ( Aminata Diallo , 72nd), Formiga , Shirley Cruz Traña ( Verónica Boquete , 82nd), Ashley Lawrence - Marie-Laure Delie , Cristiane ( Ouleymata Sarr , 68.)
Coach: Patrice Lair

Referee: Solen Dallongeville


0: 1 (7th) Cristiane
1: 1 (34th) Kumagai (by penalty)

penalties shoot

0: 1 Delannoy
1: 2 Delie
2: 3 Périsset
3: 4 Formiga
4: 4 Paredes (over the goal)
4: 5 Boquete
5: 6 Diallo
6: 6 Sarr (held)

1: 1 Majri
2: 2 Le Sommer
3: 3 Renard
4: 4 Mbock Bathy
4: 4 Kumagai (shot from the post)
5: 5 Marozsán
6: 6 Abily
7: 6 Hegerberg

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