The weapons of women

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German title The weapons of women
Original title Working girl
Working Girl.jpg
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1988
length 109 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Mike Nichols
script Kevin Wade
production Robert Greenhut
Laurence Mark
Douglas Wick
music Carly Simon
camera Michael Ballhaus
cut Sam O'Steen

The guns of women (Original title: Working Girl ) is an American feature film from 1988 by director Mike Nichols . The writer wrote Kevin Wade . The main roles were played by Melanie Griffith , Harrison Ford and Sigourney Weaver .


Tess McGill lives on Staten Island , she takes the Staten Island Ferry to work in Manhattan every day ; at the beginning of the film her way to work is shown to the sound of the song Let the River Run . Tess is an ambitious stock broker in the Financial District ; Her colleagues Lutz and Turkel offer her a "great job offer", but the new possible boss Bob Speck turns out to be very dubious. When the colleagues just laugh about it, she insults them and quits the job. The company's HR manager gives Tess her last chance: she's supposed to work as an assistant for Katharine Parker, head of the merger and acquisition department.

Katharine explains to her that she is counting on teamwork and the mutual advancement of both women. Tess has the idea that instead of the planned purchase of a television station by the Oren Trask group, it should buy a radio station , which would bring significant advantages.

Shortly afterwards she catches her friend Mick having an affair and pulls away from him. She is supported by her friend Cyn.

When Katharine Parker goes on a skiing holiday , she breaks her leg and ends up in the hospital. From her hospital room, which has become the focus of social life in the hospital, she calls Tess and asks her to take care of her apartment. Tess finds out there that Parker stole her idea and presented it to her business partner Jack Trainer as his own. Tess meets Jack Trainer, they fall in love, and together with him she works on the transaction. Oren Trask originally wanted to buy a TV station , but Tess convinces Trask to change plans.

Katharine Parker returns to New York, is picked up by Tess from the helipad and brought to her apartment. Tess rushes to a crucial meeting and forgets her notebook in Katharine's apartment. This discovers the preparations as well as Tess' relationship with Jack, who was Katharine's partner up to now. She comes to the meeting, exposes Tess as just her secretary and pushes her out of the negotiation round. She claims to have got the ideas; Tess stole this. Tess is fired, but through her knowledge of the background information she can convince Trask that she is the real source of ideas. Trask admires Tess' courage, gets Parker fired for cheating, and hires Tess. Tess and Jack move in together.

On the first day at work, Tess expects to be employed again as a secretary. To her surprise, she finds out that she works for Trask as a manager. She calls Cyn happily and reports about it.


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Rotten tomatoes

The lexicon of international films wrote that the film was "an enigmatic social fairy tale from the male-dominated financial world of New York, the perfection of directors and actors reminiscent of classic comedy models".


The film won the Oscar for Best Song for the theme song Let the River Run , sung by Carly Simon . He was nominated for the same award in other categories, including Best Picture ( Douglas Wick ), Best Actress (Melanie Griffith), Best Supporting Actress ( Joan Cusack and Sigourney Weaver ), and Best Director (Mike Nichols).

Melanie Griffith, Sigourney Weaver and Carly Simon, who wrote the song Let the River Run , won the Golden Globe Award , which also won the film for Best Comedy . Mike Nichols as director and Kevin Wade as screenwriter were nominated for a Golden Globe.

The film received nominations for the British BAFTA Award in the categories of Best Actress , Best Supporting Actress and Best Score .

Carly Simon won the Grammy Award . Joan Cusack won the American Comedy Award .

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