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Virgin Black at Elements of Rock 2007

The Elements of Rock , abbreviated EoR, is an annual metal festival in Uster ZH , Switzerland . The two-day festival has been taking place since 2004 and is organized and supported by the non-commercial association Elements of Rock .

Seventh Avenue at Elements of Rock 2008

The Elements of Rock is the largest metal festival related to the Christian faith in Europe and is firmly anchored in the Christian metal scene. Internationally known bands such as Tourniquet , Virgin Black , Whitecross , Narnia and Cage show the musical quality of the festival. Bands from all over Europe as well as Swiss newcomer bands complete the line-up. In addition to good music, the focus for the organizers is belief in God, even if, according to the organizers, the bands should not preach during the concerts. For this purpose, in addition to the two concert evenings, interested visitors are given the opportunity to participate in lectures and discussions on topics of Christian faith and metal or in a metal service .

Similar festivals take place in England (Destruction Fest, London ) and Scandinavia ( Nordic Fest , Oslo ; Resurrection Fest , Stockholm ). The Blast of Eternity , which takes place in southern Germany , is more oriented towards the harder metal genres.

Line-up history

The list contains the style names as specified by the festival at that time.


  • Theocracy (Progressive Power Metal, USA)
  • Eric Clayton and The Nine (Gothic / Symphonic Metal, USA / NL)
  • Drottnar (Bunker Metal, NOR)
  • Nomad Son (Heavy Doom Metal, Malta)
  • Dark Sky (Melodic Rock / Melodic Metal, D)
  • Boarders (Heavy Thrash Metal, IT)
  • Three Elements (Alternative Rock, CH)
  • Ashes Emblaze (Melodic Death Metal, D)
  • Liquid Rain (Progressive Rock, CH)
  • Rainforce (Hard Rock, CH)
  • Green Labyrinth (Symphonic Metal, CH)
  • Outlaw Radio (punk rock, CH)


  • Project86 (Alternative Metal, USA)
  • Pantokrator (Death Metal, SWE)
  • Unseen Faith (Deathcore, DK)
  • Death Therapy (Industrial Groove Metal, USA)
  • Within Silence (Melodic Power Metal, SK)
  • S91 (Progressive Metal, IT)
  • Skald In Veum   (Black Metal, SWE)
  • Marhold (Progressive Melodic Metal, CH)
  • Adorned Graves (Doom'n'Thrash Metal, D)
  • Before We Get Buried (Metalcore, A)
  • In Oceans Deep (Post-Hardcore, CH)
  • Unity (Alternative Metal, CH)


  • Whitecross (Hard Rock, USA)
  • Crimson Moonlight (Black Metal, SWE)
  • Slechtvalk (Black Metal, NL)
  • Signum Regis (Power Metal, SK)
  • Hypersonic (Symphonic Power Metal, IT)
  • Innerwish (Power Metal, GR)
  • Vardøger (Black / Death Metal, NOR)
  • Diviner (Heavy Metal, GR)
  • The Buried (Death'n'Roll, D / FIN)
  • FreaKings (Thrash Metal, CH)
  • Askara (Progressive Gothic Metal, CH)
  • Strugglers (Alternative Metal, CH)


  • Leviticus (Hard Rock / Heavy Metal, SWE)
  • Jacobs Dream (Heavy / Power Metal, USA)
  • Sacrificium (Death Metal, D)
  • Hilastherion (Melodic Death Metal, FIN)
  • Grave Declaration (Symphonic Black Metal, NOR)
  • Polution (Hard Rock, CH)
  • Ancient Prophecy (Heavy Metal, D)
  • Opus Irae (Dark / Black Metal, D)
  • Triuwint (Melodic Black Metal, D)
  • Inside Mankind (Progressive Melodic Metal, IT)
  • Milestone (Alternative Metal / Rock, CH)
  • AM: PM (Melodic Death Metal / Deathcore, CH)


  • Narnia (Melodic Metal, SWE)
  • HB (Symphonic Metal, FIN)
  • Immortal Souls (Melodic Death Metal, FIN)
  • Frosthardr (Black Metal, NOR)
  • Three Elements (Alternative Rock, CH)
  • Sleeping Romance (Melodic Metal, IT)
  • Empire21 (Melodic Metal, SWE)
  • Bloodwork (Extreme Metal, GB)
  • Malchus (Melodic Death Metal, PL)
  • FreaKings (Thrash Metal, CH)
  • Changed (Hard Rock, CH)
  • Morgarten (Folk Black Metal, CH)


  • Gloryhammer (Symphonic Power Metal, UK)
  • Modest Attraction (Hard Rock, SWE)
  • My Darkest Hate (Death Metal, DE)
  • Slechtvalk (Black Metal, NL)
  • Pantokrator (Progressive Death Metal, SWE)
  • Oskord (Folk Metal, UKR)
  • Signum Regis (Power Metal, SK)
  • Ascendant (Black / Death Metal, DK)
  • A Sickness Unto Death (Doom Metal, DE)
  • Dolohruz (Thrash Metal, CH)
  • Marhold (Progressive Melodic Metal, CH)
  • Frank Needs Help (Metalcore, CH)

2013 (10 Years Anniversary Edition)

  • Whitecross (Hard Rock / Heavy Metal, USA)
  • X-Sinner (Hard Rock / Heavy Metal, USA)
  • Horde (Black Metal, AUS / NOR)
  • King James (Heavy Metal, USA)
  • Drottnar (Black Metal, NOR)
  • Nomad Son (Doom Metal, Malta)
  • Sacrificum (Death Metal, D)
  • Rex Carroll Band (Blues Rock / Hard Rock, USA)
  • Metatrone (Progressive Melodic Metal, IT)
  • Inner victories (Power Metal, USA)
  • Aliens Ate My Setlist (Post Hardcore / Metalcore, D)
  • ForChristSake (Extreme Metal, UK)
  • Petreakte (Hard Rock, CH)
  • Necroblation (Death / Thrash Metal, CH)
  • Nahum (Melodic Death / Thrash Metal CZ)
  • Path of Confusion (Melodic Thrash Metal, CH)


  • Barren Cross (Heavy Metal, USA)
  • Crimson Moonlight (Black / Death Metal, SWE)
  • Dark Sky (Melodic Metal / Hard Rock, D)
  • A Hill to Die Upon (Death / Black Metal, USA)
  • Stairway (Heavy Metal, UK)
  • Icon Clan (Rock'n'Roll, FIN)
  • Exhale (Grindcore, SWE)
  • Pertness (Heavy / Power Metal, CH)
  • Hypersonic (Melodic Metal, IT)
  • Opus Irae (Black / Dark Metal, D)
  • Endtime Prophecy (Melodic Death Metal, DE)
  • Skylla's Revenge (Metalcore, CH)
  • Antaraxid (Death Metal / Metalcore, CH)


  • Whitecross (Heavy Metal / Hard Rock, USA)
  • Antestor (Black Metal, NO)
  • Sacred Warrior (Heavy Metal, USA)
  • Deuteronomy (Melodic Thrash / Death Metal, FIN)
  • Rex Carroll Band (Blues Rock, USA)
  • Thy Bleeding Skies (Death Metal, D)
  • Lightmare (Melodic Power Metal, D)
  • Twinspirits (Progressive Metal, IT / SWE)
  • Emerald (Heavy Metal, CH)
  • Crescent Moon (Melodic Death Metal, CH)
  • Fallen Walls (Melodic Thrash / Death Metal, D)
  • [Earth: Link]  (Metalcore, D)
  • FreaKings (Thrash Metal, CH)


  • X-Sinner (Hard Rock / Heavy Metal, USA)
  • Mad Max (Hard Rock, D)
  • In Vain (Progressive Extreme Metal, NOR)
  • Slechtvalk (Black / Death Metal, NL)
  • Sacrificium (Death Metal, D)
  • World to Ashes (Melodic Death Metal, D)
  • Doomenicus (Doom Metal, IT)
  • Timesword (Progressive Metal, D)
  • Back Pocket Prophet (Thrash Metal, UK)
  • Slippery Way (Hard Rock, CH)
  • T-Rage (Hard Rock / Melodic Metal, CH)
  • Esacepe From Sickness (Hardcore / Metal, CH)
  • Warrior Empire (Black / Death Metal, D)


  • Cage (Heavy / Power Metal, USA)
  • Theocracy (Progressive Power Metal, USA)
  • Seventh Angel (Thrash / Doom Metal, UK)
  • Miseration (Death Metal, SWE)
  • Dark Sky (Melodic Metal / Hard Rock, D)
  • Illuminandi (Gothic / Folk Metal, PL)
  • Inevitable End (Death Metal, SWE)
  • Shadows of Paragon (Black Metal, SWE)
  • Morgenroede (Black Metal, NOR)
  • Vindex (Heavy / Power Metal, SK)
  • Rift (Metalcore / Death Metal, D)
  • Dividing Line (Gothic Rock, CH)
  • Blood Drift (Death / Black Metal, B)
  • Disobedience (Thrash / Death Metal, CH)


  • Seventh Avenue (Classic / Power Metal, D)
  • Drottnar (Black Metal, NOR)
  • Deuteronomy (Melodic Death Metal, FIN)
  • David Benson's DBeality (Heavy Metal / Traditional Doom Metal, USA)
  • Kreyson (Heavy / Power Metal, SLO)
  • Docile (Death Metal, COL / VEN)
  • Monoblock (Gothic Metal, D)
  • Metatrone (Power / Progressive Metal, IT)
  • Arcane Legion (Heavy Metal, D)
  • Thy Bleeding Skies (Death Metal, D / FIN)
  • Exaudi (Gothic / Doom Metal, D)
  • Horatio (Metalcore / Hardcore, CH / F)
  • Morgarten (Black Metal, CH)


  • Virgin Black (Gothic Metal, AUS)
  • Balance of Power (Progressive Metal, UK)
  • Forsaken (Epic Doom Metal, Malta)
  • Sacrificium (Death Metal, D)
  • Pantokrator (Death Metal, SWE)
  • My Silent Wake (Doom Metal, UK)
  • Illuminandi (Gothic Metal, PL)
  • Boarders (Heavy Metal, IT)
  • Admonish (Black Metal, SWE)
  • Slippery Way (Hard Rock, CH)
  • Evergrace (Melodic Metal, SWE)
  • Credic (Melodic Death Metal, D)


  • Rob Rock (Power Metal, USA)
  • Narnia (Melodic Metal, SWE)
  • Once Dead (Ex- Vengeance Rising ) (Thrash Metal, USA)
  • Immortal Souls (Melodic Death Metal, FIN)
  • Mad Max (Hard Rock, D)
  • Holy Blood (Folk Metal, UKR)
  • Frosthardr (Black Metal, NOR)
  • Saphena (Ex-brainfaq) (Metalcore, D)
  • Dividing Line (Gothic Rock, CH)
  • Inevitable End (Death / Thrash Metal, SWE)
  • Brutal Martyrium (Death / Thrash Metal, CH)



  • Veni Domine (Progressive Metal, SWE)
  • Immortal Souls (Melodic Death Metal, FIN)
  • Seventh Avenue (Classic / Power Metal, D)
  • Slechtvalk ( Symphonic Black Metal, NL)
  • Drottnar (Brutal Black Metal, NOR)
  • Jeff Scheetz (Hard Rock / Classic Metal, USA)
  • Eluveitie (Pagan / Celtic Metal, CH)
  • Exaudi (Gothic / Doom Metal, D)
  • Crushead (Crunch'n'Roll, D)
  • Frosthardr (Black Metal, NOR)
  • Arson (Emo Rapcore, D)
  • Sacrificium (Melodic Death Metal, D)
  • Demoniciduth (Black Metal, CH)
  • Disobedience (Melodic Thrash / Death Metal, CH)
  • Heavenly Soldiers (Classic Metal, CH)

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Individual evidence

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