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Estarreja Coat of Arms
Estarreja (Portugal)
Basic data
Region : Centro
Sub-region : Aveiro Region
District : Aveiro
Concelho : Estarreja
Coordinates : 40 ° 45 ′  N , 8 ° 34 ′  W Coordinates: 40 ° 45 ′  N , 8 ° 34 ′  W
Residents: 7657 (as of June 30, 2011)
Surface: 20.56 km² (as of January 1, 2010)
Population density : 372 inhabitants per km²
Estarreja county
flag map
Flag of Estarreja Location of the Estarreja district
Residents: 26,997 (as of June 30, 2011)
Surface: 108.17 km² (as of January 1, 2010)
Population density : 250 inhabitants per km²
Number of municipalities : 5
Administration address: Câmara Municipal de Estarreja
Praça Francisco Barbosa
3864-001 Estarreja
President of the Câmara Municipal: Diamantino Sabina ( PSD )

Estarreja is a city ( Cidade ) and a district ( Concelho ) in Portugal with 7657 inhabitants (as of June 30, 2011).


Estarreja is located 15 km north of the district capital Aveiro . Not far from the Ria de Aveiro to the west , narrow canals and rivers run through the town and the surrounding plains.


Finds prove the presence of humans in the municipality since the Neolithic . Also Celtiberians , Romans and Arabs settled here. The first documented mention of Villa Antoan , today's Antuã, dates back to 569 . Its administrative territory included Beduído , Salreu , and the Rio Antuã river . In the 11th century, the place Estarreja began to form here.

1257 handed over to King Alfonso III. the parishes of Antuã and Avanca to the monastery of Arouca . In 1519, King Manuel I renewed the city rights for the Vila (small town) Antuã and its district, which later became Estarreja. In the middle of the 17th century, the district also took the name of Estarreja.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the district suffered destruction and looting by French troops during the Napoleonic Wars on the Iberian Peninsula .

With the opening of the Linha do Norte railway line in 1862 , Estarreja experienced some boom. So it became, after Aveiro, the second largest salt port in the country. In particular, medium-sized food industries settled here, including the milk processing companies, which were co-founded by the later Nobel Prize winner Egas Moniz in 1923 and which was the first milk powder factory in the country before it was later taken over by Nestlé . Since the middle of the 20th century, a focus of the country's chemical industry has developed here. At the end of the 20th century, the group began to reorientate towards sustainability and environmental protection . With the Eco Parque Empresarial, an environmentally friendly commercial area was created, and in 2003 , BIORIA, a nature reserve on the edge of the Ria de Aveiro lagoon landscape, was established.

On January 1, 2005 , the Vila (small town) was raised from Estarreja to the Cidade (town).


Estarreja is a stop on the Linha do Norte railway line , and is located on the A1 and A29 motorways , each with its own exit .



Estarreja is the seat of a district of the same name. The neighboring districts are (starting clockwise in the north): Ovar , Oliveira de Azeméis , Albergaria-a-Velha and Murtosa .

The Pardilhó district

With the regional reform in September 2013 , several municipalities were combined into new municipalities, so that the number of municipalities decreased from seven to five.

The following municipalities ( freguesias ) are in the Estarreja County:

Estarreja county
local community Population
Density of
population / km²
Avanca 6,189 21.07 294 010801
Beduído e Veiros 10,047 31.84 316 010808
Canelas e Fermelã 2,770 23.02 120 010809
Pardilhó 4.176 15.70 266 010805
Salreu 3.815 16.54 231 010806
Estarreja county 26,997 108.17 250 0108

Population development

Population in Estarreja County (1801–2011)
1801 1849 1900 1930 1960 1981 1991 2001 2011
17,075 26,147 34,041 23,397 25.213 26,261 26,742 28,182 26,997

Municipal holiday

  • June 13th

Town twinning


The track courses for the Inline Speed ​​Skating European Championships 2007 took place here. The Portuguese town of Ovar organized the street courses .

The football club Associação Atlética de Avanca , founded in 1937 , from the municipality of Avanca , played in the meantime in the third division, the then IIª Divisão , most recently in the 2007/08 season. He is now in the first division of the Aveiro district association, the 1ª Divisão do Campeonato Distrital da AF Aveiro (as of 2014/15).

sons and daughters of the town

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