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Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht in Stanford (2015)

Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht (born June 15, 1948 in Würzburg ) is a German - American Romance scholar , literary scholar and literary historian , university professor and publicist . Until 2018 he held the chair of comparative literature at Stanford University . He is a permanent visiting professor at the Université de Montréal , the Collège de France and the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen.


Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht grew up as the child of two doctorates in urology in Würzburg. He passed his Abitur at the Siebold High School there; in high school he spent a year at the Lycée Henri IV in Paris. As a scholarship holder of the Maximilianeum Foundation, he studied Romance studies, German, philosophy and sociology at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich and in Regensburg. Stays abroad took him to the University of Salamanca in Spain and to the University of Pavia in Italy . He was a member of the Socialist German Student Union . After his studies, Gumbrecht received his doctorate in Konstanz under Hans Robert Jauß , whose research assistant he became. At the age of 26, he moved to the University of Bochum as a professor in 1975 and to the University of Siegen in 1983 . He applied unsuccessfully to succeed his academic teacher Jauß and was appointed to the chair of comparative literature at Stanford University in 1989. Gumbrecht has been an American citizen since March 2000. In March 2009 he took up a visiting professorship at the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, which was later converted to a "permanent visiting professorship", so that the literary scholar regularly comes to Lake Constance for short periods of time to give lectures. In 2012 and 2013 Gumbrecht was a Fellow of the Friedrich Nietzsche College in Weimar , where he presented his drafts of a “Genealogy of the Western Intellectual” under the lecture title “Risky Thinking”. In 2018 he retired from Stanford .

Gumbrecht held numerous visiting professorships a . a. in Bogotá , Buenos Aires , Mexico City , Rio de Janeiro , Berkeley , Princeton , Montreal , Aarhus , Barcelona , Berlin , Budapest , Lisbon , Manchester , Munich , Paris , Riga , Cape Town , Jerusalem , Kyoto . In 2013, Gumbrecht was both juror and laudator for the Ludwig Börne Prize for the award winner Peter Sloterdijk .

Gumbrecht is married for the second time and has four children.

Journalistic positions

He writes regularly for the newspapers NZZ , FAZ , Die Zeit and Die Welt . From an American perspective, he describes the socio-political reality in Western Europe as bipartisan “social democracy”. He described mainstream intellectuals as "educated, semi-educated" people. Since 2012 he has been writing a blog Digital / Pausen on FAZ.net , in which he regularly commented on socio-political issues. In March 2018, after 273 blogs , FAZ.net surprisingly split up with Gumbrecht and other authors such as Rainer Meyer ("Don Alphonso") and Carsten Knop (who became FAZ editor-in-chief for digital products at the beginning of the year ) due to a realignment of their blog page .


In his contributions, Gumbrecht repeatedly deals with the role of sport; he is a supporter of the Bundesliga soccer club Borussia Dortmund . In the course of the #metoo debate, he reported that he had been informed of a misleading signature in his e-mails: An ombudsperson at his university made him aware that his initials HUG could be misunderstood as “hug” (“hug”).





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