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Ignaz Heinrich von Wessenberg, portrayed by Marie Ellenrieder
Wessenberghaus Residential and death house at Wessenbergstrasse 41 in Constance
Bust of Ignaz Heinrich von Wessenberg, made by Hans Baur on Wessenberg's house in Constance
Epitaph Wessenberg in Constance Minster

Ignaz Heinrich Karl, Freiherr von Wessenberg (born November 4, 1774 in Dresden , † August 9, 1860 in Konstanz ) was an enlightened Roman Catholic theologian from the Swabian nobility. His brother was the Austrian minister Johann von Wessenberg .

life and work

Wessenberg studied theology in Augsburg , Dillingen , Würzburg and Vienna . In 1802 he was appointed Vicar General of the Diocese of Constance by Prince-Bishop Karl Theodor von Dalberg , but it was not until 1812 that he was ordained a priest . At the Congress of Vienna he tried, on Dalberg's behalf, to establish a German Catholic national church under a German primate . As Vicar General in the Diocese of Constance, Wessenberg drove far-reaching reforms in the spirit of enlightened theology in various areas such as theological training, liturgy and popular piety. In Rome this activity met with little acceptance; for example, Pope Pius VIII accused Wessenberg of wanting to abolish celibacy and not recognize the papal primacy . Cardinal State Secretary Filippo Casoni called Wessenberg a man who was as perverse as he was dangerous. In 1814, the Pope asked Karl Theodor von Dalberg to dismiss the vicar general, and after the Prince-Bishop's death he did not recognize the unanimous election of Wessenberg as vicar of the capitular . In 1822, Wessenberg was elected bishop of the new Archdiocese of Freiburg by the deans of Baden with almost two thirds of the votes , but the Baden government urged Wessenberg to resign because it was clear that he would not be a candidate for the office because of the negative attitude of the curia Question came. Wessenberg finally remained diocesan administrator until Bernhard Boll was appointed Archbishop of Freiburg in October 1827 ; after that he withdrew from church work.

From 1819 to 1827 and from 1831 to 1833 Wessenberg was a member of the First Chamber of the Baden Estates Assembly , initially by virtue of his office as diocese administrator, then as a representative of the manorial nobility above the Murg.

On July 28, 1832, Wessenberg was granted honorary citizenship of the city of Constance.

The correspondence and friendship with the evangelical poet and theologian Johann Peter Hebel was unusual for the time .

He donated his painting collection to the Grand Duke Friedrich von Baden , who in return gave 20,000 guilders for charitable purposes. The Grand Duke approved the collection to remain in Constance. Today around 80 paintings are included in the holdings of the Städtische Wessenberg-Galerie , which is under the control of the Zähringer Foundation .

Wessenberg wrote a total of around 470 publications and worked for the Freymüthigen Blätter on theology and church . He bequeathed his extensive private library of over 20,000 volumes to the city of Konstanz, which maintained and expanded it. He also donated the Wessenberganstalt . The Wessenberg Library has been accessible for research purposes as a closed book collection in the library of the University of Konstanz since 2000 .

In memory of his person, the street at his former home (part of the north-south axis in the old town) and a high school are named after Wessenberg.

Main fonts

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  • About the formation of the business classes in general and in the Grand Duchy of Baden in particular. Constance, 1833


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