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Intel 8008
Production: 1972 to 1983
Producer: Intel
Processor clock: 500 kHz to 800 kHz
Manufacturing : 10 µm, PMOS
Instruction set : Intel 8 bit,
incompatible with 8080/8085 / Z80
Base: 18-pin DIP

The Intel 8008 (initially as 1201) was introduced on April 1, 1972 and was the first 8-bit processor and the first Von Neumann computer from Intel . It was housed in an 18-pin DIL housing and consisted of 3500 transistors . It is widely believed that the 8008 is an 8-bit extended 4004 or a further development of the 4040 . Both CPUs are fundamentally different from the 8008. The 8008 is considered the direct predecessor of the Intel 8080 , making it the basis of the x86 - processor architecture and the associated instruction sets from Intel.


Intel 8008 : Function Block Diagram

The 8008 was not widely used u. a. through its use in terminals , analysis devices and desktop computers such as the Mark-8 or the Micral . However, he was not granted great success. Because of its very "compact" bus interface , the connection of required memory and I / O - modules considerable decoding effort. Its instruction set was very inflexible and its possibilities for interrupt processing were rudimentary, as there was no way to completely save its internal state (registers H, L and the flags could not be saved), as is essential for sensible interrupt handling . He also had another eight entries long CPU internal return - stack , the could not be directly accessed by the instruction set. The instruction set and microarchitecture of the successor 8080 have been fundamentally revised and much more flexible. Nonetheless, practically every 8008 instruction has its equivalent in the 8080 instruction set, so that the 8008 can ultimately also be regarded as an early forerunner of the 8086 , which u. a. was also developed with a view to making the 8080 and 8085 software easily portable .

Technical specifications

U 808 D (GDR replica of the 8008)
• Start of development: 1974
• Planned start of production: 6/1977
• Start of production: 1978
• End of production: 1986/88

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Individual evidence

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