Keepin 'the Summer Alive

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Keepin 'the Summer Alive
Studio album by The Beach Boys


August 31, 1980

Label (s) Brother Records , [Caribou CBS]

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Bruce Johnston

Studio (s)

Western Studios, Al Jardine's Home Studio

LA (Light Album)
Keepin 'the Summer Alive The Beach Boys

Keepin 'the Summer Alive is a music album by the US band The Beach Boys . It was released on April 5, 1980. It was released on Caribou Records and was produced by Bruce Johnston .


The Beach Boys went on tour around 1979 with their full cast. Dennis and Brian Wilson did most of this tour. Bruce Johnston had also returned to the band and was a full member again. During the tour, Carl Wilson became friends with Randy Bachman . Bachman was a Canadian musician, Beach Boys fan, and front man for their opening act. Carl Wilson began writing songs with Bachman. Together they composed six songs. Carl Wilson finally wanted to produce the album together with Bachman, but he refused because he wanted to spend more time with his family after the tour. That is why Bruce Johnston was chosen as producer.

Most of the album was recorded at the Western Studios , where the Beach Boys recorded their hits in the 1960s , and at Alan Jardine's new studio that he built on his Big Sur ranch . Chuck Britz, who had also recorded with the band in the 1960s, acted as sound engineer. Many old friends, such as Ricky Fataar , were involved in the recording of this album.

The album peaked at number 75 on the US Billboard charts.


“They [the Beach Boys] took a new perspective, but it just wasn't the right one. Keepin 'the Summer Alive is not just a low point in the band's career, it's the low point. "

- Rob Theakston : in the All Music Guide

Track list

  1. Keepin 'the Summer Alive (Carl Wilson / Randy Bachman)
  2. Oh Darlin ' (Brian Wilson / Mike Love)
  3. Some of Your Love (Brian Wilson / Mike Love)
  4. Livin 'With a Heartache (Carl Wilson / Randy Bachman)
  5. School Days (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) (Chuck Berry)
  6. Goin 'On (Brian Wilson / Mike Love) (US charts # 83)
  7. Sunshine (Brian Wilson / Mike Love)
  8. When Girls Get Together (Brian Wilson / Mike Love)
  9. Santa Ana Winds (Brian Wilson / Al Jardine)
  10. Endless Harmony (Bruce Johnston)

Song information

When Girls Get Together was recorded back in 1969, but was not released at the time.

In Endless Harmony Bruce Johnston sings about himself and the band in the third person. This is also the only song on the album that Dennis Wilson was involved in during the recording.

Goin On ' is the highlight of the album and was also the only small hit at the same time

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