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2004State election
Wbt .: 74.4%
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A total of 36 seats

The state elections in Salzburg 2009 took place on March 1, 2009 together with the municipal council and mayoral elections.


Starting position

The state election in Salzburg in 2004 was a landslide victory for the Social Democratic Party marked the first time in the Second Republic with Gabi Burgstaller the Landeshauptfrau could provide. After the election, the SPÖ formed a coalition government with the defeated ÖVP .


In the state elections in 2009, all those persons who were Austrian citizens on the reference date (March 1, 2009) and had reached the age of 16 were actively eligible to vote. Those eligible to vote also had to have a place of residence in a municipality in the state of Salzburg and could not have been excluded from the right to vote. An exclusion from the right to vote existed in the event of a final conviction by a domestic court for one or more deliberate criminal acts to a prison sentence of more than one year. The exclusion ended after six months, the start of the period began after the execution of the sentence, as soon as the imprisonment was completed or no longer applicable. Another requirement for participation in the election was entry on the electoral roll. These were made available for public inspection in the municipal offices from January 19 to January 23, 2009. The right to stand as a candidate in the state elections in 2009 was available to all those persons who were themselves entitled to vote and who had reached the age of 18. The lowering of the active voting age after the state elections in 2004 increased the number of those eligible to vote.


In addition to voting in person, voting in the state elections could also be made using voting cards and postal votes. The voting card could be applied for in writing or orally between December 18, 2008 and February 26, 2009 at the respective community of residence. By means of a voting card, those entitled to vote could vote on election day in any polling station designated for voting card voters. There was also the option of sending the voting card to the district electoral authority by postal vote. In the case of postal voting, the personal, unobserved and uninfluenced filling out of the voting card had to be confirmed by means of a personal signature. The postal vote had to take place before the last polling station closed; the voting card had to be sent to the authorities by 2 p.m. on the fourth day after the election.

Campaigning parties (list name and short name)

Social Democratic Party of Austria - Gabi Burgstaller (SPÖ)

Gabi Burgstaller

The Social Democratic Party of Austria entered the race under the leadership of Governor Gabi Burgstaller, the declared goal was to remain the strongest party. Work, free kindergarten, security, education, combating child poverty, health and culture were named as campaign topics.

ÖVP Salzburg Wilfried Haslauer / Doraja Eberle / Sepp Eisl (ÖVP)

The Austrian People's Party, led by Deputy Governor and Governor Wilfried Haslauer , wanted to become the strongest party and regain the governor's chair. Work, economy, security and families were named as core topics.

Freedom Party Salzburg (FPÖ)

The Freedom Party of Austria ran with Karl Schnell as the top candidate. A representative from each district was named as the target. In addition to maintaining jobs and small and medium-sized enterprises, Schnell is calling for a lowering of wage tax for employees and employers as well as an immediate ban on immigration.

The Greens - The Green Alternative (GREEN)

The Green Party was led by state spokesman Cyriak Schwaighofer in the election campaign. The Greens placed a radical energy turnaround by 2025 at the center of their election campaign . Schwaighofer called for an energy self-sufficient Salzburg, whereby this goal should be achieved through energy savings, the switch to renewable energies, the creation of small decentralized structures and appropriate political framework conditions. Schwaighofer gave the election target to win a third state parliament mandate and thereby achieve club status in the state parliament. This goal was not achieved in 2004. During the election campaign, Schwaighofer stood up for a re-candidacy for Johannes Voggenhuber in the 2009 EU parliamentary elections, which, however, failed. Peter Pilz then organized a “political Ash Wednesday” in Salzburg in support of the Greens, which was a counter-event to the FPÖ event of the same name in Ried im innkreis.

For Salzburg. Alliance Future Austria & List Doris Tazl (BZÖ)

The regional chairman of the BZÖ , Robert Stark , had founded a community of voters with Mechthilde Kirsch and Doris Tazl . Doris Tazl was excluded from the FPÖ in 2006, so the joint list was named "For Salzburg. Alliance Future Austria & List Doris Tazl" . Doris Tazl described the joint list as bipartisan and independent . The BZÖ federal coordinator Markus Fauland headed the list as the top candidate. Fauland's declared aim was to win votes, especially from the ÖVP. The BZÖ headlined its own election campaign "Time for new things, time for action. Salzburg is more" .


Surveys before the election saw slight losses among the governing parties SPÖ and ÖVP (about minus two percent), whereby the SPÖ with 43 percent could have kept its lead over the ÖVP (36 percent). At the same time, the FPÖ was predicted with a 13 percent gain in votes. In the case of the Greens, the eight percent (2004) were not covered.

A courier survey spoke of the great popularity of Governor Burgstaller, 80 percent of Salzburg residents considered their work to be good or very good, including two thirds of ÖVP voters. According to this survey, the SPÖ would have come to 40 percent, the ÖVP 35 percent, the FPÖ twelve percent, the Greens eight percent and the BZÖ four percent.

For 59 percent of Salzburg residents, federal politics played no role in the state elections.

Bottom line

The winner of the election, with 39.4 percent of the valid votes, was the SPÖ, which was able to achieve a result of 45.4 percent in the 2004 state elections. The ÖVP (36.5 percent) lost 1.4 percentage points compared to 2004. The FPÖ was able to record a share of the votes, which improved by 4.3 percentage points to 13.0 percent. The Greens achieved 7.4 percent (2004: 8.0 percent), the BZÖ, which appeared for the first time, is not represented in the state parliament with a result of 3.7 percent (it lacked exactly 3877 votes for the necessary 5%). Instead of the theoretical “left” majority of the SPÖ-Greens, which was first achieved in 2004, there was arithmetically the traditional right-wing majority from the ÖVP-FPÖ in the state parliament. Ultimately, however, the SPÖ again formed a coalition with the ÖVP.

Official end result
Political party be right percent +/- Mandates +/-
Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ) 111,485 39.4% - 6.0% 15th - 2nd
Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) 103.385 36.5% - 1.4% 14th  0
Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) 36,845 13.0% + 4.3% 5 + 2
The Greens (Greens) 20,843 7.4% - 0.6% 2 0
Alliance Future Austria (BZÖ) 10,477 3.7% + 3.7% 0 0
voter turnout 287.065 74.4%   36  

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