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Laurentius is a male Latin given name .

Origin and meaning

The name means "the man from Laurentum " (after a town near Rome ). The connection with the Latin word for " laurel " ( laurus ) is based on a folk etymology .

The name exists in Europe in numerous variants and is widely used as a first name, family name , church name and place name . The main reason for the spread is the veneration and popularity of the holy martyr Laurentius of Rome .

Variants by language

Possible name days

January 8th : Laurentius Justiniani (new)
February 3rd : Lawrence of Canterbury
July 21 : Lawrence of Brindisi
August 10 : Lawrence of Rome
September 5th : Laurentius Justiniani (old)
November 14th : Laurentius O'Toole ( Lorcan Ua Tuathail ) of Dublin

Female name variant

Laurentia and the short form Laura are feminine forms of the name.


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