List of representatives and recipients of Platonism

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This list includes well-known representatives and recipients of Platonism from antiquity to the Renaissance .

Although Platonism underwent various changes up to the end of antiquity, one can consistently speak of a school insofar as the works of Plato formed binding reference points for all Platonists. In the academy founded by Plato in Athens there existed until the first century BC. An institutional continuity.

The list shows the ancient representatives of Platonism and the recipients (thinkers strongly influenced by Platonism) separately, each in chronological order. However, since the dates of life are partly unknown, uncertain or only imprecisely determinable and contemporaries have different chronological criteria (year of birth, year of death, time of greatest productivity), a reliable and consistent chronological order is not always possible. For the Platonists who did not belong to the Academy, their most important places of work (if known) are also given. In the case of the scholarchen (heads of schools) of the Platonic Academy and the Late Antique Neo-Platonic School of Philosophy in Athens, this office is indicated in each case.

A great many Christian, Jewish and Muslim philosophers and theologians received Platonism more or less intensively. Only those of them are given in this list, for whom a particularly strong influence of Platonic ideas is characteristic. Since they were based on their own religious traditions, which were only partially compatible with Platonism, they are not listed here as representatives, but as recipients of Platonism, although some of them are traditionally referred to as Platonists or Neoplatonists.

Representative of Platonism

Members of the Platonic Academy

Older academy

Younger (“skeptical”) academy

Middle Platonists

Transition from Middle Platonism to Neoplatonism


Not classified

  • Manaichmos - cannot be categorized in time and cannot be assigned to any direction within Platonism

Late Byzantine Platonist

Recipients of Platonism

Christian philosophy


middle Ages

Renaissance humanism

Cambridge and Oxford Platonists

Jewish philosophy

Islamic philosophy