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The list of listed objects in Flaurling contains the 12 listed , immovable objects of the municipality Flaurling .


photo   monument Location description
Catholic parish church hl.  Margareta and cemetery
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Catholic parish church hl. Margareta and cemetery ObjectID
KG: Flaurling
The consecration of a chapel was documented in 1326. In 1508 an enlargement took place with the builder Oswald Klotz. In 1578 there was a vaulting and decoration with Gothic ribs with Wolfgang Rosenberger the Younger. 1750 was a renovation. In 1836 the nave was rebuilt and the church was reorganized with the architect and sculptor Josef Falbesoner . High altar sheet hl. Margarethe, painted by Caspar Jele (1843).
Farmhouse Müller Upload file Farmhouse Müller ObjectID
Kirchplatz 3 KG
: Flaurling
The core of the three-storey Einhof dates back to around 1500. At the end of the 19th century it was extended to the west. The residential part with a gable roof is bricked and has a stair tower built on the east side, the commercial part with a purlin roof is a mixed construction. The southern gable facade is structured with painted corner cuboids and oval ox eyes in the gable field and has a round arch portal and a baroque mural in a cartouche frame (adoration of the Mariahilf Madonna). Inside the living area, a barrel vaulted cellar with stitch caps, a groin vaulted entrance hallway and a barrel vaulted kitchen have been preserved.
Kreuzkapelle Upload file Kreuzkapelle ObjektID
KG: Flaurling
The open chapel with a round apse and a facade gable resting on two columns in front of it comes from the second half of the 18th century. In the round arch niche it houses a crucifix.
Länd chapel Upload file Länd Chapel ObjectID
west of Lände 11, KG
: Flaurling
The rectangular, brick-built chapel with a slightly recessed, polygonal choir closure was donated in 1770 by the Flaurling blacksmith Christian Schönherr. The raised glare facade is designed with a round arch portal, an ox eye and a gable turret. The interior has a groin vault over stucco pilasters .
Mugeler farmhouse, former sacristan's house Upload file Mugeler farmhouse, former sacristan's house ObjectID
Neunergasse 9 KG
: Flaurling
Court Chapel, Lady Chapel Upload file Court chapel, Marienkapelle ObjectID
at Ram 7
KG: Flaurling
Ris building with garden space Upload file Ris building with garden space ObjektID
Risweg 7, 8, 10 KG
: Flaurling
Also Rishaus, Risschlössl, Ries building, Ansitz Ris, Ansitz Risenegg, Flaurlinger Schlösschen, Widum Flaurling ; Sigismund of Tyrol's hunting lodge , converted into a parish estate in 1500; Ensemble of the Flaurling branch church, residence, rectory, farm buildings, Baroque garden from 1745 and Calvary from the 19th century.
Goldener Adler inn Upload file Gasthof Goldener Adler ObjectID
Salzstrasse 2 KG
: Flaurling
Schlössler farmhouse Upload file Farmhouse Schlössler ObjectID
Salzstrasse 13 KG
: Flaurling
Calvary Chapel
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Kalvarienbergkapelle ObjektID

KG location
: Flaurling
The Kalvarienbergkapelle des Widums Flaurling is a mighty open column construction with a round apse and portico , as well as a gable roof. The gable painting was made around 1800 and shows Moses and the brazen serpent . Inside there is a mural view of Jerusalem and a classicist group of crosses. Under the double staircase stands the so-called Zinnenturm, a simple small round temple with a round arched window from 1869. The chapel was once completely painted, from 1965 to 1966 it was restored by Herbert Wachter .
BW Upload file Fraktionkapelle Schwaighof ObjectID

since 2015

east of Schwaig 14 KG
: Flaurling
The single-bay brick chapel with a round apse, gable roof and small shingled roof turret was built at the end of the 18th century. The barrel vaulted interior is decorated with a painted altar canopy.
11 Chapels of the Cross
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11 Chapels of the Cross ObjectID

KG location
: Flaurling
The Way of the Cross of the Widums Flaurling was built between 1824 and 1856. The eleven open shrine-like station chapels have a pillar porch and a shingled gable roof. The Way of the Cross leads to the Kalvarienberg chapel . The modern Stations of the Cross mosaics were made by Herbert Wachter in 1966.


The source for the selection of the objects are the monuments lists of the respective federal state published annually by the BDA. The table contains the following information:

Photo: Photograph of the monument. Click the photo generates an enlarged view. Next to it are one or two symbols:
More pictures available The symbol means that more photos of the property are available. They are displayed by clicking the symbol.
Upload your own photo By clicking the symbol, further photos of the object can be uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons media archive .
Monument: Name of the monument. The designation is given as it is used by the Federal Monuments Office (BDA) . The internal object identification number (ObjectID) is also given.
Location: The address is given. In the case of free-standing objects without an address ( e.g. shrines ), an address is usually given that is close to the object. By calling up the link Location , the location of the monument is displayed in various map projects. The cadastral community (KG) is indicated below this.
Description: Brief information about the monument.

The table is sorted alphabetically according to the location of the monument. The sorting criterion is the cadastral municipality and within this the address.

By clicking on "Map with all coordinates" (top right in the article) the location of all monuments in the selected map object is displayed.

Abbreviations of the BDA : BR… construction law , EZ… deposit number, GB… land register , GstNr. … Property number, KG… cadastral community, 0G … property number address

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