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Malet , later Malet de Graville , was a family of the Norman nobility. It first appears with the Norman conquest of England and the Battle of Hastings , in which Guillaume I. Malet , Seigneur de Graville (today Graville-Sainte-Honorine , a district of Le Havre ), his presumed brother Durand and his two sons took part . Guillaume I. Malet subsequently became one of the richest landlords in England. His son Robert I. Malet was the first known Lord Great Chamberlain , his support for Robert Courteouse , the older brother of King Henry I , led to his overthrow and apparently also to the loss of his property in 1103. The older line of Malets then reappears in Normandy while the younger line remains in England.

Only in the 15th century did the malet regain importance. Jean V. Malet holds high ceremonial offices at the royal court, his grandson Louis Malet de Graville becomes Admiral of France , and his daughter Anne Malet de Graville was a well-known intellectual of the 16th century. With their generation, the main line of the family died out.

Tribe list

11-13 century

  1. NN
    1. Guillaume I. Malet († around 1071), Seigneur de Graville, participant in the Battle of Hastings in 1066, Lord of the Honor of Eye , 1069 High Sheriff of York; ∞ Hersilia Crespin, daughter of Gilbert Crespin, Seigneur de Bec-Crespin and Gunnora de Courcy
      1. Robert I. Malet , participant in the Battle of Hastings in 1066, Lord of the Honor of Eye in 1071, under King Henry I Master Chamberlain ; ∞ Elisie, daughter of Richard de Bienfaite , Lord of Bienfaite , Orbec and Tonbridge ( Clare (family) ) and Rohèse ( Giffard )
        1. Guillaume II. Malet, Seigneur de Graville, took the cross in 1096, gave the Terre de Conteville to the Abbey of Bec in 1121 and entered the monastery himself
          1. Ernest Malet, Seigneur de Graville (perhaps also a brother of Guillaume II); ∞ Adele of Gloucester
            1. Robert II Malet († after 1220), Seigneur de Graville et de Montagu , fought in 1214 in the Battle of Bouvines ; ∞ Alix d'Alençon († after 1220), Dame de Montgommery et de Sonnois , daughter of Jean I , Count of Alençon , ( House of Montgommery )
              1. Robert III Malet, Seigneur and 1218 Baron de Graville, 1230 Seigneur de Sées et de Bernay, takes the cross in 1240; ∞ Agnès de Tancarville, daughter of Guillaume III., Seigneur de Tancarville ( House Tancarville )
                1. Guillaume IV. Malet de Graville, Seigneur de Graville, Montagu, Plasnes et Le Bosc-Achard (attested in 1250); ∞ Amélie, Dame du Bosc-Achard et de Plasnes - see descendants below
              2. Jeanne Malet de Graville; ∞ Guillaume de Meulan, Seigneur de Gournay , ( Beaumont House )
              3. Isabelle Malet de Graville; ∞ Henri III. de Neufbourg , Baron de Livarot
            2. Guillaume III. Malet de Graville ∞ Philippe d'Alençon († before 1223), daughter of Jean I , Count of Alençon , ( House of Montgommery )
      2. Gilbert Malet, participant in the Battle of Hastings in 1066, is given a fiefdom in Suffolkshire - progenitor of the Malet of Cury Malet and the Malet of Enmore in England
      3. Beatrice Malet; ∞ I Guillaume d' Arques ; ∞ II Thorold of Bucknell, Lincolnshire Sheriff
        1. (II) Lucy of Bucknell ; ∞ I Yves de Taillebois, Sheriff of Lincolnshire, Lord of Kendall († around 1094); ∞ II Roger FitzGerald (de Roumare), 1st Baron of Kendall, Lord of Bolingbroke and Lord of Roumare; ∞ III around 1098 Ranulph le Meschin, 1st Earl of Chester (1074–1129)
          1. (II) William de Roumare, Earl of Lincoln († before 1161)
          2. (III) Ranulph de Gernon, 2nd Earl of Chester († 1153)
    2. ? Durand Malet, participant in the Battle of Hastings in 1066, then with possession in Lincolnshire , mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086 - descendants, probably in England

13-15 century

  1. Guillaume IV. Malet de Graville, Seigneur de Graville, Montagu, Plasnes et Le Bosc-Achard (attested in 1250); ∞ Amélie, Dame du Bosc-Achard et de Plasnes - ancestors see above
    1. Jean I. Malet de Graville († 1297/1302), Seigneur de Graville, Sées et Bernay, took the cross in 1270; ∞ Marie de Léon, daughter of Hervé, Seigneur de León, and Marguerite d'Avaugour
      1. Jean II. Malet de Graville, called Guingard, Seigneur de Graville, Sées et Bernay; ∞ Anne (Jeanne) de Wavrin, Dame de Coupigny , daughter of Robert I. de Wavrin, Seigneur de Saint-Venant and Marie de Roye
        1. Jean III Malet de Graville († 1356 - executed), Seigneur de Graville, Sées et Bernay; ∞ Eleonore de Châtillon, daughter of Guy de Châtillon , Count of Saint-Pol , ( House of Châtillon ) and Marie de Bretagne
          1. Jean IV. Malet de Graville († before 1380), restituted 1359/61; ∞ Jeanne de La Grange, niece of Cardinal Jean de la Grange
        2. Robert IV Malet de Graville, Seigneur d' Ambourville , La Haye , Coupigny et Fontaines , heir to his nephew Jean IV.
          1. Gui Malet de Graville († after 1415), Seigneur de Graville
            1. Anne Malet de Graville; ∞ Louis de Loigny, Marshal of France
            2. Jean V. Malet de Graville († after 1448), Seigneur de Graville, Marcoussis , Montaigu (now part of Chambourcy ), Bois-Malesherbes , Moncontour et Marnes ; ∞ I Jeanne de Bellengues, widow of Renaud de Trie , Admiral of France ; ∞ II Jacqueline de Montaigu, daughter of Jean de Montaigu , Bâtard de France, (family list of the Valois )
              1. (I) Marie Malet de Graville, Dame de Longuay ; ∞ Gérard d'Harcourt, Baron de Bonnétable († 1424), ( Harcourt House )
              2. (II) Jean VI. Malet de Graville († 1482), Seigneur de Graville, Marcoussis, Montaigu et Bois-Malesherbes; ∞ Marie de Montauban, daughter of Guillaume, Seigneur de Montauban and Bona Visconti , thus niece of Valentina Visconti , Duchess of Orléans; ∞ II Marie de Nîmes-Montbron († after 1468), Dame de Chef-Boutonne , daughter of François I de Montbron et Maulévrier , Viscount d ' Aunay
                1. Jean VII. Malet de Graville
                2. Louis Malet de Graville († 1516), Seigneur de Graville, Sées et Bernay, Montaigu, Marcoussis, Milly-la-Forêt , Le Bois-Malesherbes, Gometz-le-Châtel , Bréthencourt , Chevreuse etc., 1486 / 87–1508 Admiral of France , Governor of Picardy and Normandy , Lieutenant General in Normandy, Capitaine de Vincennes , Beaute and Fontainebleau , Knights of the Ordre de Saint-Michel ; ∞ Marie de Balzac, daughter of Roffec de Balzac, Seigneur de Glisenave , ( House Balzac )
                  1. Louise Malet de Graville; ∞ Jacques de Vendôme, Vidame de Chartres , Prince de Chabanais, ( list of the Bourbon tribe )
                  2. Jeanne Malet de Graville; ∞ I Charles II d'Amboise , Seigneur de Chaumont, Marshal of France , Admiral of France , Grand Master of France , ( House of Amboise ); ∞ II René Seigneur d ' Illiers , then Seigneur de Marcoussis, Saint-Clerc , Chastres , Gometz-le-Chastel and Nozay
                  3. Anne Malet de Graville , Dame du Bois-Malesherbes et de Montagu, writer; ∞ Pierre de Balzac d'Entragues († around 1530), Seigneur d ' Entragues etc., Capitaine de Corbeil et Fontainebleau, ( House Balzac )
                3. Jeanne Malet de Graville; ∞ François d'Alègre, Count of Joigny
              3. Charles Malet de Graville, Rector of the University of Caen in 1476
        3. Guillaume Malet de Graville, Seigneur de Montagu et du Gravier - offspring in the Périgord
        4. Catherine Malet de Graville; ∞ Jean, Seigneur de Préaux († 1350), ( House Préaux )
        5. Jeanne Malet de Graville, Dame de Saint-Venant ; ∞ Jean IV. De Mauquenchy , known as le Mouton de Blanville , Marshal of France
      2. Robert Malet de Graville (attested in 1313), Seigneur de Montagu
        1. Jean Malet de Graville († 1363), Seigneur de Planes, castellan of Bonneville ; ∞ Jeanne de La Mouche
    2. Henri Malet de Graville, 1254 Abbot of Saint-Denis

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