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Silly 2007
Silly 2007
General information
Genre (s) skirt
founding 1978
Founding members
Tamara Danz (until 1996 †)
Vocals, guitar
Thomas Fritzsching (until 1994)
Mathias Schramm (until 1986, † 2007)
Manfred Kusno (until 1982)
Ulrich Mann (until 1982)
Mike Schafmeier (until 1984, † 2020)
Current occupation
Ritchie Barton (since 1982)
Guitar, violin
Uwe Hassbecker (since 1986)
Jäcki Reznicek (since 1987)
former members
Anna Loos (2006-2018)
Herbert Junck (1984–2005 †)
Annual hit parade of the GDR
The last customer
  GDR 18th 1982
Mont Klamott
  GDR 4th 1983
The wild Mathilde
  GDR 36 1983
A song for the people
  GDR 6th 1984
Such a little woman
  GDR 15th 1985
  GDR 33 1986
Battalion d'Amour
  GDR 4th 1986
Snowy white day
  GDR 29 1987
Panther jumping
  GDR 28 1987
Lost children
  GDR 5 1989
The ice thawed over her
  GDR 24 1989
  GDR 13th 1990
Chart placements
Explanation of the data
  DE 59 08/19/1996 (5 weeks)
Best of Silly Vol. 1
  DE 31 11/04/1996 (10 weeks)
Best of Silly Vol. 2
  DE 49 04/07/1997 (6 weeks)
All red
  DE 3 04/02/2010 (64 weeks)
head to head
  DE 2 04/05/2013 (27 weeks)
  CH 97 04/07/2013 (1 week)
Anger catcher
  DE 5 05/13/2016 (16 weeks)
Tamara Danz - Asylum in Paradise - 1952–1996
  DE 46 08/19/2016 (1 week)
  DE 67 09/20/2019 (1 week)
I don't say yes
  DE 68 03/19/2010 (3 weeks)
All red
  DE 27 09/24/2010 (10 weeks)
Your strengths
  DE 19th 03/15/2013 (13 weeks)
Singer from 2006 to 2018: Anna Loos

Silly , originally the Silly family , is a German rock band that was founded in East Berlin in 1978 and became popular with the singer Tamara Danz .

Today the band consists of the longstanding musician line Rüdiger "Ritchie" Barton (keyboard, vocals), Uwe Hassbecker (guitar, violin), Hans-Jürgen "Jäcki" Reznicek (electric bass) and - until December 2018 - the singer Anna Loos . For the time being, AnNa R. and Julia Neigel will take on the role of the singer . Reinhard Petereit alias Mr. Petereit, Daniel Hassbecker and Ronny Dehn are there as “permanent guest musicians” .


1978–1996: From the beginning to Tamara Danz's death

Thomas Fritzsching (guitar, vocals) founded the band in East Berlin in 1978. Together with Mathias Schramm (electric bass) he discovered Tamara Danz as a singer, brought in keyboardist Ulrich Mann from the Musikhochschule Weimar , Mike Schafmeier (drums) from Cottbus and Manfred Kusno (keyboard), who soon switched to the band Metropol .

The band name Silly was already determined, but was not approved by the GDR authorities because of the Anglicism ; in addition, silly is translated as “silly”, “simple-minded”. This is how the band called the Silly family and without further ado declared Silly the band's mascot - a cat. The authorities at the time finally accepted that the band has only called itself Silly since 1982. The first guest appearances took place in Romania and Norway . They were particularly successful in Romania. In 1981, she won the Grand Prix of Bratislavska Lyra , one of the most important popular music prices of CMEA -Staaten.

Originally, Silly was staged as an inexperienced, funny combo, comparable to the character of the Neue Deutsche Welle in West Germany. After the album Tanzt keine Boogie was released, the line-up changed: in 1982 Ritchie Barton, who had lived with Tamara Danz for two years, replaced the two founding members Manfred Kusno and Ulrich Mann on the keyboard. In addition, the lyricist Werner Karma joined the band and influenced the development of the band significantly. Karma wrote all the lyrics for the album Mont Klamott , released in 1983 . According to Michael Rauhut, the band combined "the musical bite of the New Wave with sensual, plump and deep sounding images on a level that is not only unique for GDR standards". In fact, the lyrics caused Silly to have problems with the censorship, which was even more relevant to the successor Between Unused Gleisen , which was banned and appeared in a defused version as Liebeswalzer 1984. Mont Klamott was voted record of the year in the GDR in 1983. The song Mont Klamott reached number 4 in the GDR annual hit parade in 1983. A song for the people was written in 1983 for the festival "Rock for Peace" in the Palace of the Republic and performed together with Dieter Birr by the Puhdys . In the documentary whispering & screaming - a rock report from 1988, Danz said: “We made a lot of compromises at the very beginning, we learned from them, and we haven't made any more since then. [...] You can't make music with compromises. ”The songs by Silly at that time are mostly very poetic and have hidden hints that - bypassing the censorship - deal critically with the living conditions in the GDR. In the post-reunification period, singer Tamara Danz explained the procedure for writing and describing the deliberate use of so-called “green elephants” in the songs, pieces of text that were so exaggerated and critical that they were guaranteed to be tackled by the censors. In addition to these exaggerations, smaller, more hidden hints, which the consciously listening audience certainly perceived, could remain in the text.

In 1984 the drummer Mike Schafmeier left the band and switched to MTS , his successor being Herbert Junck . In 1986, after the LP Bataillon d'Amour was completed , bassist Mathias Schramm had to leave. Jäcki Reznicek (electric bass) from Pankow and Uwe Hassbecker (guitar, violin), who had previously played for Stern Meißen , joined them. Hassbecker - initially a secret lover - became Tamara Danz's partner and later husband. In August 1988 Werner Karma left the band due to internal differences. There are only two texts left by him for February . The songs were now mainly written by Tamara Danz, Ritchie Barton and Uwe Hassbecker and the lyrics were written by Tamara Danz with the support of Gerhard Gundermann . The February album contains more critical and direct lyrics than the previous albums . Many tours followed, including in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Austria and the USA.

In 1993 the album Sons of Whores was released ; the following year Thomas Fritzsching had to leave the band. Also in this year the live double album Silly + Gundermann & Seilschaft was created after a joint concert by both bands. Hassbecker and Barton subsequently became more and more music producers , including for Gerhard Gundermann, City , Karat and many more. Danz, Barton and Hassbecker built the Danzmusik Studio and made themselves independent in terms of production technology. The album Paradies , which is considered to be one of the best albums of the band, was the first production in their own studio. Tamara Danz was diagnosed with cancer during production. After the release of the album Paradies , Tamara Danz died of breast cancer on July 22, 1996 at the age of 43 .

1996–2006: career towards the new singer

In the meantime, all musicians have been pursuing their own projects. Among other things, Reznicek is a lecturer at the Dresden University of Music , Hassbecker is a sought-after studio musician and, together with Barton, a music producer. Since 2000 they have been playing and working with the singer Joachim Witt and producing his albums Bayreuth 3 and Auf Ewig .

Herbert Junck died of cancer on May 31, 2005. So the group was only three. After Tamara Danz's death, Junck regretted many times in interviews that the relationship with his former bandmates had cooled down a lot. A successful comeback as Silly & guests followed in autumn 2005 , with various prominent guest soloists such as Katy Karrenbauer , Anna Loos, Anja Krabbe and Toni Krahl .

In addition to Hassbecker, Barton, Reznicek and guests, Reznicek's son Sebastian on drums and Hassbecker's son Daniel from the Mariannenplatz band on the second keyboard and cello and Reinhard "Reini" Petereit (Mr. Petereit) from Rockhaus on the second guitar are regularly on the stage .

The actress Anna Loos took over from Tamara Danz as the front woman in autumn 2006 as part of the Silly & Anna Loos electro-acoustic tour 2006/2007 .

2007 until today

The band composed the music for the movie Der Mond and other lovers by Bernd Böhlich with Katharina Thalbach in the leading role. The soundtrack was released concurrently with the film's theatrical release in July 2008. In addition, in the 30th year of its existence, the band released a 3-DVD box including a new edition of the book Tamara Danz - Legends by Alexander Osang and the soundtrack of The Moon and Other Lovers.

Silly also played at many open-air concerts in 2008 and, alongside the Puhdys , Karat and many others, took part in the successful Ostrock-in-Klassik -Tour with the Babelsberg Film Orchestra for the second time . In 2010, Silly played himself in the SOKO Leipzig episode Silly - Tod im Konzert : At a concert, the band was involved in a murder case. In the same year, Alles rot, the first studio album with completely new titles since Tamara Danz's death, was released. The lyrics were again written by Werner Karma. The album received a gold record in July 2010 and platinum in January 2011.

Silly took part in the Bundesvision Song Contest 2010 for Saxony-Anhalt and took second place there.

For the following album, the collaboration with Werner Karma was ended and Anna Loos took over the lyrics for the band. The lyrics already completed by Karma for Silly can be found on the 2017 album by Zöllner Dirk und das Glück: Zöllner meets Karma again. The album Head to Head was awarded gold in 2013 .

In December 2018 it was announced that Anna Loos is no longer part of Silly and instead wants to take care of her solo career.

In November 2019, Hassbecker and Barton stood in front of the camera alongside Loos and other musicians for the ZDF documentary Soundtrack der Freiheit . AnNa R. and Julia Neigel were introduced as guest singers for the Analog Tour from November 2019 . At ten concerts in ten different cities, the focus will be on a different album by the band each evening.



  • 1980: Silly (Rocktopus / Hansa, Federal Republic of Germany)
  • 1981: Doesn't anyone dance boogie? ( Amiga )
  • 1983: Mont Klamott (Amiga)
  • 1984: Between unused tracks (Amiga; was banned from publication)
  • 1985: Liebeswalzer (Amiga, modified and renamed new edition of Zwischen ungefahrenen Gleisen )
  • 1986: Battalion d'Amour (Amiga)
  • 1989: February (Amiga)
  • 1993: Sons of bitches (DSB Berlin)
  • 1996: Paradise (SPV)
  • 2008: The Moon and Other Lovers (soundtrack to the film)
  • 2010: Everything red (Iceland)
  • 2013: head to head (Iceland / Universal)
  • 2016: Wutfänger (Iceland / Universal)


  • 1996: Best of Silly Vol. 1
  • 1997: Best of Silly Vol. 2
  • 1999: Dream Devil
  • 2005: Silly Classics + Sounds
  • 2006: Silly - The Original Amiga Albums (8-CD-Box)
  • 2011: Silly - Original Album Classics (5-CD box)
  • 2015: Music of our generation - The greatest hits
  • 2019: Ten

Concert albums

  • 1999: Silly + Gundermann & Seilschaft Unplugged (live)
  • 2006: Silly & Guests - Live in Berlin (The concert in the Berlin Tempodrom on October 16, 2005, double CD)
  • 2011: Everything red reminds you of live (Live-CD)
  • 2013: Head to Head Live (double CD)
  • 2017: Wutfänger - The Concert (Live in Berlin) (Double CD)


  • Best of Silly
  • Silly + Gundermann & Seilschaft Unplugged


  • 2002: whisper & SCREAM with Feeling B , Chicoree (Die Zöllner) , Sandow , Silly and others
  • 2004: 25 years of Silly
  • 2006: Silly and guests , recorded in the Berlin Tempodrom on October 16, 2005
  • 2008: Silly - Tamara (3 DVDs + CD + book)
  • 2013: Silly - head to head live
  • 2017: Wutfänger - Das Konzert (Live from Berlin) , recorded in the Columbiahalle on November 20, 2016


  • 1980: Doesn't anyone dance boogie? (Rocktopus / Hansa, Federal Republic of Germany)
  • 1980: Pack your things (Amiga)
  • 1982: Thick Air (Amiga)
  • 1983: Mont Klamott (Pool / Teldec)
  • 1984: Die Ferne (Amiga)
  • 1986: Battalion d'Amour (CBS)
  • 1987: Panther in the leap (CBS)
  • 1988: Lost Children (BMG)
  • 1989: Birds of Paradise (BMG)
  • 1993: Sons of Whores (MCD, DSB)
  • 1993: Bye Bye (MCD, DSB)
  • 1996: Asylum in Paradise (MCD, SPV)
  • 2010: I won't say yes (MCD)
  • 2010: Everything red (MCD)
  • 2011: Remembered with Jan Josef Liefers
  • 2013: Your strengths (Island / Universal)
  • 2016: without a fight


  • Golden hen
    • 2013: in the category "Honorary Rock / Pop"


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