Crime scene: Borowski and the sky over Kiel

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Episode of the series Tatort
Original title Borowski and the sky over Kiel
Country of production Germany
original language German
Age rating FSK 12
classification Episode 933 ( list )
First broadcast January 25, 2015
Director Christian Schwochow
script Rolf Basedow
production Kerstin Ramcke
music Daniel Sus
camera Frank Lamm
cut Jens Klüber

Borowski und der Himmel über Kiel is a television film from the crime series Tatort , which was first broadcast on January 25, 2015 on Das Erste , ORF 2 and SRF 1 . In his 24th case, the Kiel chief inspector Klaus Borowski ( Axel Milberg ) is investigating together with inspector candidate Sarah Brandt ( Sibel Kekilli ) in the drug scene . After finding a chopped off head, they meet the crystal meth addict Rita Holbeck ( Elisa Schlott ). Christian Schwochow directed the film adaptation of a script by Rolf Basedow . The premiere took place at the Hamburg Film Festival in 2014.


The severed head of a young man is found near a small village near Kiel. For the time being, the body cannot be found. Since most of the villagers have an alibi, Borowski and Brandt conclude that there was a perpetrator from outside. In fact, one villager reported seeing a bright station wagon driving towards Denmark that night . A comparison with the police database shows that at the time in question a silver Škoda Octavia Combi , which is reported to a certain Mr. Wagner, was reported as stolen.

The coroner assumes a post-mortem beheading. The severely carious teeth, which are untypical for the age of the deceased, suggest frequent consumption of crystal meth . After the autopsy, the investigators start a search in a local newspaper. The waitress Rita identifies the dead man as her friend, 20-year-old Mike.

Since Mike, like Rita Crystal, was addicted to meth, the investigators suspect a murder by an enemy dealer or a group. Although Rita is now clean, she initially does not cooperate with the police out of fear of her former dealers, but gives in when Borowski pressures her and promises to protect her. Little by little she tells the investigators her story: Mike incited her to use light drugs , but she herself wanted to take crystal meth like Mike. Over time, she also began to inject drugs, accompanied by severe withdrawal symptoms as well as depression and hallucinations . She got her drugs almost exclusively from Mike, who in turn got them from the dealers Roland and Furkan.

With the help of an informant, Borowski and Brandt observe Roland and Furkan in a disco. When they leave the disco prematurely, Brandt, against Borowski's urgent advice, starts a bumper chase with just one car. She believes she has seen a drug handover in a fast-food restaurant, but the requested MEK finds nothing during the subsequent vehicle search .

The Danish police reported that the body of young woman Lene Vestergaard was found that night near the German border. A waitress in a Danish restaurant remembers Mike sitting at a table with that woman and another person - Harald Wagner, as it turns out later. Harald and Mike's cell phone data confirm their trip to Denmark, but still seem to be of no use as both cell phones are turned off. Investigators assume that Mike still had his cell phone with him after his death and send another search party to search the forest where the head was found for Mike's body. The search proves to be successful, and Brandt finds a video on Mike's cell phone that shows Mike together with Lene Vestergaard and Harald Wagner in said Danish restaurant.

When Borowski drives into the village again, he notices a drug laboratory behind a window on one of the farms. He enters the building where he meets an apparently drugged farmer and the village policeman. He tells Borowski that the farmers in the village regularly consume crystal meth because they find it to improve their performance. He himself discovered the drug laboratory some time ago, but was persuaded by the farmers not to report this and to take crystal meth himself. Borowski persuades him to report himself .

In the meantime, the Kiel investigators locate Harald Wagner's mobile phone, which has now been switched on again, in the disco, which is stormed by an MEK. Harald Wagner is not in the disco. Borowski and Brandt find him in the cellar of his father, Mr Wagner, the owner of the Škoda Octavia, while he is consuming drugs together with the relapsed Rita, who was raped by the two dealers Furkan and Roland due to her cooperation with the police.

Harald Wagner makes a confession at the presidium. He stole his father's car to go on a trip to Denmark with Lene Vestergaard and Mike. On the way back to Kiel, Mike took crystal meth and tried to rape Lene. Harald stopped to settle the argument, but Mike had already strangled Lene. He and Mike got out to hide the body behind the bushes, whereupon the drugged Mike Harald, whom he saw as an incriminating witness, attacked with a stone. Harald had fatally injured Mike in the fight and brought him back into the car. However, since he could no longer bear Mike's twisted expression on his face, he beheaded him in the forest with his father's hatchet that he kept in the trunk and threw his head into the stream.

When Rita is dismissed from the presidium, Borowski offers to drive her home. She gratefully accepts the offer and asks Borowski to stop at a house on the street. She gets out and runs to the roof of the building, where she remembers Mike, who always showed her Orion , Sirius , Rigel , Castor and Prokyon . Borowski draws her attention to a falling star and says she could make a wish.


The film was shot from March 11, 2014 to April 11, 2014 in Kiel and the surrounding area.

Elisa Schlott prepared for the role with the help of documentaries and books as well as conversations with drug addicts.

The world premiere was on September 27, 2014 at the Hamburg Film Festival , where the film was nominated for the Hamburg Producer Award for German TV productions . Before it was first broadcast on television, there was also a film premiere in an addiction clinic in front of crystal meth patients.

After the broadcast, a video chat was offered with the director Christian Schwochow, the actress Anke Retzlaff, the addiction researcher Sascha Milin and the former consumer Franziska Wolf, in which audience questions about the film were answered.

The audio description of the film was spoken by Anne Moll and was awarded the German Audio Film Prize in the television category in 2016.



“For the crystal meth 'crime scene', Basedow, 67, and Schwochow, 36, have now developed their own narrative mode to tell of the dynamics of the drug. There are moments of intoxication and euphoria alongside flashbacks and seemingly psychotic image explosions. In cleverly balanced flashbacks it is told how Rita's and Mike's storming into the sky becomes a trip to hell, how the feeling of freedom leads to submission to the drug. "

“The film doesn't claim, it shows: images full of ambivalence. [...] You can see how bad these drugs are. But, you also get an idea of ​​how cool it can feel to take this stuff. A courageous and touching crime scene with a very great leading actress, Elisa Schlott, in whose game ruin develops from seduction and death from dance. "

Audience ratings

The first broadcast of Borowski and the sky over Kiel on January 25, 2015 was seen by 10.67 million viewers in Germany and achieved a market share of 28.5% for Das Erste . This made it one of the 20 most watched TV shows of 2015.

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